The purpose of this presentation is to give the viewers a more in depth understanding of Frome Nursing Home

The purpose of this presentation is to give the viewers a more in depth understanding of Frome Nursing Home.
I will explain the purpose of my organisation along with the current culture, structure and functions of the organisation and how HR support our organisation.

Evolve care group is the largest provider of dementia care within the southwest. Evolve has decades of experience in the residential and nursing home sector.
Building and designing nursing homes around the individuals who reside in the homes has allowed Evolve to deliver a great level of personalised care. Here at Frome nursing home our main purpose is to maintain our residents dignity in this period of their lifetime, we do this by meeting our patients needs, by following their own personal care plans. This requires us to support with patients meal times, personal care, mobility, daily activities, medications (depending on job role), domestic duties, liaising with patients families and professionals.
Having goals in life is so important to a patients emotional wellbeing, so here at Frome we all try to be constantly aware of what each patient within the home like to be doing and we do our best to enable the patients to achieve.

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At Frome Nursing Home we have 2 houses, one for residential care and one for dementia care. We also offer respite care.
Residential care is also known as personal care or assisted living. This is a great solution for individuals who need some support with daily activities but do not require intensive nursing or rehabilitory care. The staff here are trained to tailor the care plans around the individuals preferences with the help of family and friends and this will be followed thoroughly.
Dementia care whether it is Alzheimer’s, mixed dementia, Lewy body dementia, or one of the many other forms of dementia we are here to provide the service needed. Again in dementia care our staff are trained to create detailed care plans and we use the patients life story to build a picture of their preferences, history, lifestyle, family, likes and dislikes. Also with the help of family and friends.
Respite care is a temporary stay within the home, this could be because a patient is recovering from an illness or to be a help in hand to get back on your feet after a stay in hospital. Respite care is also used if a carer is going on holiday or needs a short break.

My first aspect of organisational culture is long serving staff members, some of these members can get very set in their ways and they don’t like it when there is change, especially in the care sector as things change quite often. This can have a significant impact on staff morale which then leads to staff being less efficient, more absences, more errors within the workplace etc, which would then lead to patients not being provided with the service that Evolve strive to give. As a potential way of overcoming this all employees should be involved as equal members of the team, long serving staff members want to feel as valued as the new staff members. Value their thoughts and ideas and acknowledge and appreciate the staff.
Second aspect of organisational culture is language barriers, this is very common in the care sector as you will find a lot of foreign workers in this industry. We have this barrier at Frome Nursing Home. This can have a massive impact within the workplace as there can be a serious lack of communication between employees which could result in work not being done properly which has a big impact on the patients at Frome. To overcome this Management and HR could look into sending foreign workers who do not speak fluent English or understand enough on an ESOL course. These courses are free to go on and they are held in Frome on a Tuesday evening

HR activities support our organisations strategy by maintaining excellent and dignified care for our elderly.
HR supports in activities including:
• Recruitment – Ensuring that the management are employing individuals who are suited to the job, carrying out DBS (Disclosure and Barring check), sending out offers and contracts off employments, employee handbooks and any other forms of documentation for recruiting.
• Training – Ensuring new staff members and current staff have carried out all mandatory training and are up to date. Giving employees the option to work towards NVQ’s.
• Keeping staff motivated by giving appraisals, having a good working environment, good management, giving the employees something to work towards.
• Having the correct policies and procedures and that they are up to date also that everybody is treated the same.


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