“The Puzzle Ring” Book Review Essay

The Puzzle Ring Book Review plot: Hannah Rose Brown and her mother, Orzo traveled from Australia to their ancestral home, Wintertime in Scotland where she discovered that her family was cursed. Hannah was desperate to find out about the truth of his father’s disappearance and break the curse. This curse came from the fairy princess, Eglantine who was married to Lord Montgomery of Wintertime.

Eglantine cursed the Rose family because of the Lord’s betrayal and was then accused for being a witch and thought to be burnt to death, so that her cousin, Rata, (the baddie) could be the rightful heir to the throne.To break this curse, Hannah had to go back in time and find the 4 parts of the puzzle ring. With danger ahead of them, Hannah, with her three friends, Donovan, Max and Scarlet, found a gateway to go back in time, into the time of Mary, Queen of Scots. There, they met Angus and Linnet, and together, they had to overcome all the challenges and tasks, the four children collected 3 parts of the puzzle ring and their last task was to find and save Henna’s father, in order to get the last part of the guzzle ring, break the curse, and brings happiness back to Wintertime and the Rose family.Characters: Hannah Rose Brown Age: 12-13 Appearance: Blue-grey eyes, long straight nose, copper-colored curls Characteristics: Strong-willed, determined, loves all things magical Experience: She was accused for being a witch because of using her left hand, also known as “devil hand” in the sass, to play the guitar.

Donovan Appearance: Blue eyes, long black hair, Characteristics: Loyal, quiet, adventurous Experience: He was captured by Rata in the time of Mary, Queen of Scots and was arced to be a Jester for Rata.Linnet Age: – (fairy) Appearance: Green eyes, short white curls, old and small, creased skin Characteristics: Caring, loyal Experience: Had been serving the Rose family for more than 400 years. Rata Appearance: Tall, pale, thin black eyebrows, sulky red mouth, black hair Characteristics: – Experience: She was Jealous of her cousin, Eglantine and therefore stole the throne. Fantasy Elements: erne & Classic Fantasy It is set in modern Scotland and Scotland in the sass when extreme punishments are common.It has mix of adventure and history. Fantasy Elements: time travel, a curse, magic wands, magical hag-stones Mythical creatures: fairies, goblins, elves, phantom hounds, kelpies (water-horse) Comments I strongly recommend it because it is a fantastic story.

Although it is more of a story for a younger age, the magic involved is really interesting and whole story is adventurous and exciting . The plot is solid and fast paced, and is really enjoyable. I would definitely read other books written by this author. I’ll rate it 9/10.


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