The Race Relations Act Equality Diversity and Rights Essay

In the 1950’s a batch of people from other states were invited into the state for work as there was non adequate people in the state to work and to make all of the occupations that no 1 in the state wanted. So. these people were invited to come and make those occupations. for illustration to roll up rubbish.

This was because of the sum of people in the UK had significantly reduced due to World War 2 ( WW2 ) . In the 1960’s there was an inflow of people from the Indian subcontinent that worked preponderantly in the techstyles industry.By the 1970’s there was a batch of different life in the UK with different coloured tegument. race. linguistic communication and faith. As the people by and large tended to lodge with similar people to themselves such as people of a certain skin coloring material tended to remain with the other people with a similar tegument tone. And hence there was assorted racial tenseness between these groups.

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Racism rapidly became common and was chief watercourse all over the country- it was featured on Television on adverts. twenty-four hours clip Television shows and movies ; it was taught to the new coevalss by parents and grandparents and was portion of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.In the 1976 there were Torahs passed to seek to halt this favoritism. in 2000 this jurisprudence was amended to include nationality and faiths. This amendment was made because of the onslaught on an 18 twelvemonth old. black British. male child ; Steven Lawrence was stabbed to decease while waiting for a coach in East London by a group of white males because of the coloring material of his tegument in 1993.

It was because of this onslaught that the authorities realised how bad this racism was.This act has had a immense impact in developing anti-discriminatory behavior. This has changed the manner people work with each other.

it besides allowed for everyone to hold the same rights for occupations ect. It has besides made people see other peoples ethnicity and faiths when they are making anything. whether we are working with person as a co-worker or we are handling person. like in a infirmary. who is different to ourselves in some manner ; whether that is through their ethnicity. faith. beliefs or linguistic communication.

It besides allowed for these different civilizations to be accepted and understood in the society. readyings can besides be put in topographic point to do people experience comfy and welcome with their religion- an illustration of this would be run intoing person dietetic demands in a infirmary. if a faith requires the individual to eat/not eat there must be readyings in topographic point to do certain that this is possible. In a wellness and societal attention puting it has brought attending to things such as traditions and jubilations that service users may desire to take portion in. an illustration of this would be if their faith require for them to pray at a certain clip in the twenty-four hours.This act has had a positive consequence on favoritism in the UK in footings of occupations. chances people are offered and the manner that people are treated and being a measure frontward in how people are treated every bit.

However this jurisprudence can non automatically halt racism. there are effects to it now but it can non halt people’s bias as people grew up with racism and were taught it from an early age therefore it can be difficult and will take a batch of clip to alter that point of position in person. The human rights act This act may be used by every individual in England and Waless irrespective of whether they are a British occupant or foreign national” .It does non count how old a individual is and can even be used by administrations and companies ( like autonomy ) . Human rights can be used for the populace every bit good as captives.

nevertheless there has been an statement over what rights captives should have. and for illustration there has been a dissension about whether they should be given the right to vote. These rights are relevant to any wellness and societal attention puting as the spring the basic demands and intervention that the service user has to hold.An illustration of a human rights act in a wellness and societal attention puting is the right to “freedom of idea.

scruples and faith. and freedom to show your beliefs” . this has had a great impact on how people are treated in wellness and societal attention scenes.

for illustration dietetic demands are taken when they are entered to see what they can and can non eat. this could be due to their faith. they are allowed to show their ideas and their feelings and are offered a pick when it come to their intervention e. . they can take whether or non to hold surgery ECT. There are a batch of the rights that have relevance to wellness and societal attention. they are some most applicable to care.

such as the right to “marry and to get down a family” . this is of import to service users as it means that the will be able to populate the life they want to go forth if that is what they want to make as in the yesteryear they would hold non been allowed to get down a household.These rights besides empower the service users so if there is a job with the attention that they are having and the scene is go againsting one of their human rights they can utilize this jurisprudence as a ailment and the state of affairs should be sorted out. However the job with this is the most vulnerable people are the 1s who are most likely to be discriminated against and be treated below the belt.They are besides the 1s who are most likely to non understand or cognize about the Torahs ; this means that they will non be able to make anything if they are non having the proper attention.

and hence the jurisprudence will non authorise them. Therefore it is of import that we promote the human rights and do certain that these rights are known to all. We can make this with the usage of postings.

adverts. meetings with the service users. easy reading postings and cusps for those who need it such as service users with sever dyslexia.This jurisprudence and this system is comparatively effectual nevertheless there are besides instance where people have ignored these Torahs and have taken away service users rights an illustration of this would be winterbourne position. this attention puting took off many of the service users rights including “freedom from anguish and degrading treatment” . this is an illustration of something that shouldn’t have happened and the CQC should hold stopped this from go oning and this is what they are taking to make nevertheless are they traveling to be able to make this everywhere? AdvocacyAdvocacy is a policy that makes certain that all service users have their sentiments voiced and makes certain that they are listened to so that they get what they want when it comes to their attention. The appointed advocator has the best involvement of the service user in head and they are nonsubjective and they do non acquire anything out of either determination.

An advocator is normally given to those who can non talk up for themselves or if they do non to the full understand the state of affairs for illustration if person has a address hindrance due to a shot or if they are populating with dementedness.Peoples who may be entitled to an advocator are those who have a physical disablement. dementedness.

have been subjected to domestic maltreatment. if they are detained under the mental wellness act. are in a coma. unconscious or if they have a learning disablement. Advocates are besides by and large given to those who don’t have person like a household member who look out for the service user’s best involvement. Due to this policy at that place have been immense positive stairss in anti-discriminatory pattern.

as service users are acquiring the best single attention for them. and their sentiments are being listened to more.Their picks are being made in their best involvement instead than a physician or a director who may non cognize them really good and would non cognize what their wants are. For illustration if a service user was recommended for a surgery that may increase his life yet there is a certain sum of hazard that they may non do it through the surgery itself.

it is down to the advocator to acquire to cognize the service user and to make up one’s mind what is best for the service user and what the service user would desire. if the service user was non able to make it themselves.The protagonism policy is turning and more people are bit by bit utilizing it. nevertheless many topographic points are seeking to disregard this policy and don’t offer this option to the service users. It is besides really dearly-won. as the advocators need the right preparation.

so far this preparation is paid for by a charity and there are non plenty advocators at the minute to assist all the service users who need it. Confidentiality The confidentiality policy is really of import in wellness and societal attention scenes and is besides really of import to the service user.The confidentiality policy maintain personal information safe from public cognition. it respects the individual’s right to privateness. it ensures that the information is merely shared with those who need to cognize ( such as the service users physician ) . and it makes certain that the service user gives consent to portion this information. It will besides do the service user experience more comfy in the scene and experience secure cognizing that merely the people who need to cognize these things will hold entree to this information.

Private information such as and illnesses or disease. sum of money they have ect can ensue in the service user being discriminated against or abused in anyhow if the incorrect individual knows this information. It is difficult to halt some people from biass that they have. for illustration if a service user has AIDS and all of the staff and other service users around them are cognizant of this so they could be abused for this and discriminated against. this confidentiality act is a method from forestalling this from go oning. Nursing and Midwifery Code ( NMC )The Nursing and Midwifery Code. is the codification that all nurses and accoucheuse must subscribe and follow to.

they must be cognizant of what this entails and hence be committed to what they are subscribing up to. If they do non follow with this or make something that this codification forbids so they risk losing their enrollment of being a nurse and losing their occupation. intending that they are non able to be a nurse or a accoucheuse anyplace. This codification states that they have to set the service users foremost in whatever they do. whether it is interventions or caring for them and they must take in to account the service users sentiments and positions.

To make this they must handle the service user with regard and self-respect. they must be unfastened and honest with the service users and give them a high criterion of attention. They must besides continue the repute of their profession significance that even when they are non working they must move respectfully in what they do. as if a service users household see them and recognize them as the 1 who is looking after their household member and they are moving in a manner that is inappropriate them they will non desire them looking after their household members.

They must besides protect and advance wellness attention ; an illustration of this would be if they did a presentation at a school.This has had a immense impact on anti-discriminatory practice- it is difficult to acquire over people biass of some people but this codification ensures that there is a large effect to those if they act on them. it besides will do them halt and believe about these thing and about whether what they are making is know aparting as they may non gain before they think about it. It besides guarantee that the service users are acquiring the best attention they can as the codification states that they must give this and besides helps halt favoritism as it besides states that they nurses/midwifes must handle all service users reasonably and esteem and observe their individualism.


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