The rainforest needs your help Essay

The rainforest needs your help. People are cutting down the rainforests for many reasons.* People cut down tree for mahogany, teak etc. They cut them down to fast for the rainforest to recover its former strength.* People are looking for gold, diamonds, tin & ore. They will sell this for money.* Money.

An important aspect. Some people are too poor and are trying to find a job.Who suffers?* Animals suffer. They get scared, they are easy target for poachers and their homes and food & water sources are destroyed.

* The soil suffers. Rainforest soil is poor. Nutrition is made from rotting leaves. When there are no trees to provide dead leaves the rain comes and washes the nutrition away.* Local tribes suffer. They have learnt to live sustainably in the rainforest.

Now other men tried to force them to go. When they refused, some tried to kill them.* You suffer! Many species are being killed of every year.

These include plants that could cure diseases. Burning the forest sends more CO2 into the atmosphere. This speeds up global warming.So before you buy anything, think… did this come from the rainforest in an unsustainable way? Maybe it was made of rare wood like mahogany or maybe the diamond necklace was found and dug up there.

Whatever the reason, please don’t get anything that has come from the rainforest unsustainably. This is our world. Save it.


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