The Rapture of Wining Essay

Look how fate plays its cards! Poor today, millionaire tomorrow! Though I wonder: is that fair? How could it be that just one of us can reach that most wanted position in the fate’s chess table? Do you understand this cheap game that fate plays on us? If not, let me present you the story of a lucky, lucky man. Melvyn Eddison, winner of ?1, ooo, ooo on the National Lottery in the UK did reach that precious place! How is it possible for a man with no educational background, become over night, a true gentleman, as he is considered to be now, just because he has a million in his pockets?A man who worked for a living as: a mechanic, a dustman, a milkman, an insurance collector, and even a paint-factory worker, is now the owner of a beautiful red-brick semi-detached house in the UK. He even has a villa in Spain and what to say about his gorgeous seven-bedroom chateau from France, a ‘Family-ness’ place which he called ‘Camelot’ and which is worth to be ?170,000? It is more than obvious that he did not buy all this from the poor salary of a dustman.Luck just knocked at his door, and he became from a simple dustman, an eccentric millionaire… Life is like that, one loses and one wins… Born in Lower Broughton, an unattractive district of Salford, he is now discovering the rapture of the breathtaking views that our planet has to offer. Nevertheless, when we come to think about the fact that he left school at 15 years old, just because he thought it was unnecessary and that now he does not know how to write a word besides his signature, we must confess that we feel a little proud of ourselves.Little devils as we are… Moreover, he got married at 17, and he has three children right now, what a fascinating life he had, a total waste, but he does not anguish about this.

He is quite satisfied with his life. Come to think about it, I would be, too if under the auspices of the National Lottery I became all of a sudden, a millionaire. In addition, if there’s nobody with the knowledge of managing such a fortune, who else than John Biesty, Mr Eddison’s friend and business partner, would be more than perfect for this job?This is a bargain, to have your own friend taking care of your business.

In conclusion, what is the rapture of winning such a sum if you do not know how to take advantage of it? Wining in the lottery can sometimes, allegedly, change your life from better into worse, or, take Mr Eddison’s example, from worse into better. What would you do if you won in the lottery?


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