The Relationship Between Sociology and the Social Sciences Sample Essay

The life of adult male is many sided. There is an economic facet.

legal facet. a spiritual facet. political facet. and so forth. Sociology.

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hence. can understand a societal life as a whole. by taking aid from other societal scientific disciplines which study entirely one or the other facets of human society. Sociology. for illustration. in order to understand a peculiar society has to take stuff of the economic sciences. political scientific discipline.

history. anthropology. faith. ethical motives. jurisprudence and eventually interaction with the remainder of the universe. Therefore all scientific disciplines are interrelate and interdependent.Sociology non merely borrows from other societal scientific disciplines but other societal scientific disciplines besides dependent on sociology. Actually there are two types of societal scientific disciplines called particular scientific disciplines which deals particular activity of society like economic sciences.

psychological science etc. The 2nd type of societal scientific disciplines calle general societal scientific disciplines which undertake comprehensively. Sociology comes in class of general scientific discipline.Sociology and Psychology are overlapping in that societal influences consequence the psychological development of persons. Sociology is obvious in history in that the societal interactions of persons have effected history. and so of class there is the history of Sociology itself. The survey of economic sciences in sociology is stratification. which is the survey of how we are a portion of a certain economic degree in society and how we got at that place and how it effects us.

Finally. political scientific discipline has been studied by many Sociologists for such issues as bondage. adult females in political relations. etc. It is interesting to see the connexion and differentiation between sociology and some of more of import societal scientific disciplines in what follows: Relation between Sociology and History:Both societal scientific disciplines are now a yearss coming nigher to each other. Some clip ago history was considered as scientific discipline of some day of the months. topographic points and battles.

But now people have realizes that why the peculiar event in history occurred? What was signifier of the same? In short history is another societal scientific discipline which is related to irect society and sociology. History chiefly deals with past events and how they affected society eg how the Ino-Pak divider. oblige Sindhu ( Hindu word it self has originated from Sindhu_ ) to turn out themselves arduous. on the other terminal will be concerned with how people intereacted. how civilization was affected etc during the present and before the divider.

By showing following points we can unclutter the relation of both: Sociology takes aid from history in mater of present surveies.By comparing between happening yesteryear and present events. one can gauge the factors responsible for happening that event.

Sociology is obvious in history in that the societal interactions of persons have effected history. and so of class there is the history of Sociology itself. There are so many establishments. like household. folk. civilization. folkways. mores.

tradition. societal motions. societal alterations etc. who have historical background of happening. On the footing of that we can understand present state of affairs.

and seek to organized consequently. In sociological research surveies. Historical method of survey is really relevant and of import.

History is non merely history of events but it is cardinal to understand present events. In the same manner sociology gives societal background for the survey of historical events.G. E. Harward to note that History is past Sociology. and Sociology is present history.But.

in malice of their close relationship the two scientific disciplines are distinguishable: Sociology is general scientific discipline which covers all human facets. while history is particular scientific discipline which study merely historical facets of events. History is related with past events an there is no relation with modern events. Contrary to it Sociology is fundamentally a modern scientific discipline. which study present societal state of affairs of human behaviour. Durkheim’s book ‘The Rules of Sociological Method’ says. sociology is wholly different from history.

He farther says. historical events have record of single functions. while sociology agencies.

it is survey of societal facts and societal representations occurred by societal fortunes. History means merely description. while sociology means analysis.

readings and categorizations. The nature of History is non scientific. which can non be retested. But the trial of societal phenomenon is possible. societal facts can be verified besides.Relation between sociology and political scientific discipline:Sociology and political scientific discipline are besides related in the sense that they both concern the public assistance of people in a society. Political scientific discipline fundamentally trades with the distribution of power and the exercising of power.

democracy. absolutism. communism.

how people vote etc. sociology has its roots in political relations. These two topics have much common in capable affairs. the undermentioned points are demoing relationship of both- The of import point is that king of any topographic point is societal every bit good as political. There is no separate being without each other. In words of Giddings.

”to teach the theory of the province to work forces who have non larn the first rules of sociology. is like learning uranology or thermodynamics to work forces who have non learnt Newton’s jurisprudence of motions” . ( Principles of Sociology p. 37. )Both scientific disciplines explain the mutuality between adult male and society. Political scientific discipline says adult male is political while sociology say adult male is societal. Both need a group of people.

where he interacts. The procedure of socialisation is done by both scientific disciplines. Both are helpful in development of societal an political consciousnesses. both scientific disciplines are complementary to each other. Sociology makes theories for people and political scientific discipline attempt to implement it.

there are many topics in common where both take equal engagement and involvement to organized the society like jurisprudence. societal control. tradition. public sentiment.

offense etc.But in malice of their close relationship the two scientific disciplines are distinguishable: Sociology is scientific discipline of society. Political scientific discipline is the scientific discipline of province.

Gilchrist says. ”Sociology surveies adult male as a societal being. and political organisation is a particular sort of societal orgnisation ; political scientific discipline is more specialised scientific discipline than sociology. ” ( Principles of Political Sciences. P. 11 ) Sociology is scientific discipline of society which surveies all organized and unorganised activities while political scientific discipline is scientific discipline of society which surveies merely organized activities. Sociology surveies merely present society while political scientific discipline surveies present and indicates future side besides.

Sociology is older than political scientific discipline. Human society had first come in being. State and other political system arise after old ages. political scientific discipline starts with the premise that adult male is a political being. sociology goes behind that premise and efforts to explicate how an why adult male became a political being.Relation between sociology and Anthropology:Anthropology and sociology besides trade with society but the lone difference is that societal anthropology chiefly considers little groups and their civilization but their country of survey is fundamentally the same. Actually both are same. two names for the same field question.

. The survey of antediluvian and simple societies are done by Anthropology. while on the footing of that sociology surveies the wider and complex societies. Anthropology has been divided in to three parts. A-Physical Anthropology.

which deals with physical/bodily traits/features of early adult male and our crude centuries back opposite numbers. with the aid of that sociology seek to cognize the world of battles among assorted groups. B-Cultural Anthropology which investigates the cultural remains of early adult male an of the life civilizations of some of the crude opposite numbers. With the aid of this sociology surveies cultural heritage and attempts to understand the alterations occurred by it. C-Social Anthropology trades with the establishments. behaviours and human relationships of primitives of the past and present.

sociology besides does scientific surveies of human civilization as a whole. Dr S. C. Dube says fundamentally there is no difference between both. Anthropology takes aid from sociological research methods while sociology interprets the things on the footing of surveies done by anthropology.Now a yearss Tribal societies an civilised societies are come closer to each other. Even the influence of engineering is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours in tribal societies.

The altering societal values are promote them to organize large groups A. L. Karoeber has called sociology and anthropology twin sisters. Evans Pritchard considers societal Anthropology to be subdivision of sociology.But in malice of their close relationship the two scientific disciplines are distinguishable: Anthropology is the survey societal and cultural characteristics of crude societies while sociology surveies the societal and cultural characteristics of modern societies. The simple and inactive primitive societies’s survey is done by Anthropology while the survey of complex and mutable societies is conducted by sociology. The survey methods are different for both scientific disciplines.

Participate observation is chief method of survey in Anthropology and sociology utilizations study method. Sociology is concerned with societal be aftering where as Anthropology is non concerned with societal planning. It does non give any suggestion for future society.Relation between sociology and economic sciences:There is besides a relationship between sociology and economic sciences which is another societal scientific discipline. Economicss trades with the production of goods and services and how they are distributed to people merely like sociology which besides consider how the goods are approachable to all members of the society. In society every societal being has some economic demands and these demands are evaluated by economic sciences. Economicss is scientific discipline of wealth.

which is possible in context of society. Marshall says economic sciences is survey of economic activities which are related to human public assistance.The undermentioned points are demoing their relationshipWe can non conceive of a society without economic demands. All cultural elements are influenced by economic system. On the other side there is great influence of societal conditions/control on economic system. Economic development and societal advancement go together in every society.

In society where there is deficiency of instruction. and prevalence of unemployment. offenses and poorness. that can non be called economically developed society. Both scientific disciplines study some common factors of society like rural Reconstruction. labour public assistance.

unemployment. poorness. societal security. industrialisation. societal insurance and planning etc.

The theories of socialism. communism. democracy and public assistance province are nil bur the theories of societal reorganisation. Harmonizing to Thomas. “economics is. in fact. but one subdivision of the comprehensive scientific discipline of sociology” .

( Elementss of economic sciences. p. 7 )
In malice of their close relationship the two scientific disciplines are distinguishable: Economicss surveies the economic dealingss of the society while sociology does analyze of all societal relationship. The attack of survey of both scientific disciplines are different. Sociology conclude the things on footing of all factors while economic sciences considers merely on the footing of economic factors. Both scientific disciplines use different methods of surveies. The Inductive and dedective theories are of import in economic sciences.

while sociology uses assorted methods like study. instance survey. sociometry etc. Economic forces play of import function in every facet of societal life. But the range of sociology is still really broad.

Economics is much older scientific discipline than sociology.In the terminal we can reason with positions given by Barnes and Beker. “Sociology is neither the servant. nor the kept woman of other societal scientific disciplines. but their sister” .


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