The River Mersey Essay

The River Merges narrows to 0. 7 miles wide between the Liverpool landing stage on its east bank and the Woodside and Combers landing stages on its west bank.

The River has the world’s fourth highest tidal range with up to 10 meter high spring tides and 7 meter high neap tides. Due to the narrowing of the river from over 3 miles wide in parts and the size of the tides, speeds of water behind all three landing stages can regularly get up to 7 Knots (MPH).This causes numerous under currents round all three of the landing stage areas and can sweep a person entering into the water away in a few seconds.

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Tidal Range = difference between Low Water and High Water Old Liverpool Landing Stage As can bee seen in the photo above there are many obstructions around the three stages that can often be hidden by the varying heights of the tide that can easily trap a person or drag them underneath.Hydrology in the River Merges is varied and dynamic due to different water pressures and meteorological effects through the tidal cycle. That is to say an area of relatively calm water can change within 30 minutes to two foot standing waves and boils. Further to this large items of flotsam and Jetsam I.

E. Sofas, trees, gas bottles are in the river moving at up to MPH with the tide. Water temperature in UK waters is at its coldest in March at around CA and warmest in September at around ICC.Casualties in the River Merges can go sub surface after immersion in approximately 3-4 minutes due to cold water shock/ exhaustion/entrapment/tidal effect.

Considerations State of tide Flooding (incoming) or Ebbing (outgoing) Speed of flow Sea state (height of waves) Depth of water / visibility ( unable to see CACM sub surface on certain tides) Weather Direction / strength of wind – onshore may be difficult for boat handling Visibility/Fog Lighting Low levels of ambient light at base of sea wall Working at height mm+ drop if at Low Water The River Merges By paddled


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