“The Rocking Horse Winner” by D. H. Laurence Sample Essay

“The Rocking Horse Winner” by D. H. Laurence shows us a common devil we all face in life.

greed. We all need money in our life. to last and to fulfill our demands. The more money you have. the easier your life would be. However. greed is the basic feature of human being. the more money you have.

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the more you want. as shown in the narrative. Greed is described as an hunger-evil that destroys love in the our bosom. Paul’s household is an illustration for the ruin of the upper in-between category. they receive really small sum of money and have to fight to maintain their “social position” and ” expensive taste” . It is clear that Paul does non hold plenty love from his parents.

Paul’s female parent “could non love her children” as she wants. the house was “haunted by the mute phrase: There must be more money!There must be more money! ” ( Lawrence. 1993 ) . We can see the negative consequence of this susurration to the household and particularly to a kid like Paul. He keeps believing about money and fortune which is “what causes you to hold money. If you’re lucky you have money. That’s why its better to be born lucky than rich. If you’re rich you may lose money.

But if you’re lucky. you will ever acquire more money. ” He started to be greed. and haunted by the susurration in his ain house “The kids could hear it all the time… when the expensive and glorious playthings filled the baby’s room. Behind the reflecting modern swaying Equus caballus. behind the smart doll’s house.

a voice would get down whispering” ( Lawrence. 1993 ) . He consider himself lucky and he need to utilize that to assist his household. he thinks that if his household became lucky and have money. his parents will love him more. However alternatively of salvaging it.

she merely want more and more money.Paul thinks that his household eventually became lucky. he tried so difficult to turn out to his ma that he is lucky so she will love and be proud of him. He does non cognize those susurrations are evil and they are easy killing him. The force per unit area of picking the winning Equus caballus make him brainsick and lead to his decease.

Even with the decease of Paul. his female parent shows no emotions. Through this we can see how greed wholly consumed her bosom and turn it to lapidate.

She separated herself from what should intend most to her. her household. Her overpowering greed and selfishness is contrasted with Paul’s unselfish generousnessMentionLawrence. D. H. ( 1993 ) . The Rocking-Horse Winner.

In D. Angus. The best short narratives of modern age ( p.

75 ) . Ballantine Books.


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