“The role of entertainment”

“The role ofentertainment” Task1B As your friend, I would like to give you some advice. I know you are onjob hunting nowadays. Despite of your earlier voicemail, I want to help youalong preparing for your incoming job interview. Your voicemail gave me animpression of both vocal fry and Valleyspeak in your voice.

For instance, I hadto hear your voicemail twice to get all the details. Your pronunciation is thekey element for you to make a good first impression. Not only is it importantto speak the language correctly, but also knowing how to speak it in aprofessional way.

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This interview is important to you, which is why I want youto break through and become the chosen one for the position. You are a suitablecandidate because of your earlier work experiences, in contrast to those withless experience. Do not mistake me. I am not her to criticize you, in fact, Iam here to help you get what you want.  First, I want to comment on your vocal fry. It is important that yourvoice is not dropping to the lowest natural register. The vocal folds aresupposed to vibrate together, however with a vocal fry, it does not. Creakyvoice can be an outcome.

A creaky voice makes inconsistencies. In addition tonormal speaking people, people with vocal fry are in danger to get negativejudgments. For your job prospect, a vocal fry would most likely mean bad news. Thecommunication can be badly affected. You need to sound comfortable in your ownskin. Sounding insecure can lead to not being taken seriously. I assume thatyou want to be heard? Therefore, try to work at your vocal fry.

 Next, I think you should focus on how to express yourself. Valleyspeakis a big part of your language. Valleyspeak is a phenomenon from California inthe USA, but not in America. Usually, this way of speaking frames youngerwomen.

Your young and from California, so I get it. Ordinary statements cansound a lot more like questions. You use words such as “way, “super”, “like”,“whatever” and “totally” in your voicemail. Some of the words are mentionedtwice or even more. Sentences spoken this way sound like you are never gettingfinished talking and do not want to be interrupted.

I do not think thatValleyspeak is a good way to express yourself, at least not in a job interviewin America. Finally, I think you could be more accurate with your language. To soundprofessional, it is important to speak in a way that shows intelligence. Youhave to prove that you are good enough for the position.

How to talk to otherpeople is important to be aware of. It is important to express yourself preciseand in a good way. If you speak in an interview like you spoke to me in yourvoicemail, I think you will be judged at the second. Judged because of badwording. I am sorry if my feedback sounds harsh, but I need to be straightforward to make an impression. Focus on what I have told you. Then I think thejob will be all yours!  Task 2A To combine entertainment and schoolwork As for my education program, Igot a lot of schoolwork.

Not only am I spending a lot of time schooling, but Ialso have to bring my schoolwork home with me. I am working hard andconstantly. Still, I have lots of work to do after school. If I want the bestgrades and to feel like I know what we are learning about, I have to prepareand work at home. I am jealous of those who feel like their school-day is overwhen the bell rings and it is time to go home. For me, the schoolwork has justbegun. To find time for entertainment can be hard. To combine both schoolworkand entertainment can be even harder.

Often you have to choose. In many cases,there is not enough time to do both.  My education program requiresa lot of me. I am educating as a healthcare worker. As a healthcare worker, youcan work in many institutions.

Institutions like nursinghome, homes forhandicapped, hospitals and so on. It is important to be a good example, forinstance. A healthcare worker should be someone to look up to.

People look upto role models for guidance, which is why it is important for me to present asa mentor. There are some common characteristics to focus on to be a good rolemodel. Qualities like follow through, show respect and have great morals. Forme to feel suitable for such responsibility, I have to work hard. My educationprogram requires that I always stay in focus.

In my education program, I learnbasics like mentioned above, but it requires that I play an active role in myown learning. At the end, I am the only one to choose how to spend my time andhow hard I am willing to work to learn the most When I come home from school,I really would like to watch my favorite TV-series. The feeling of sitting downwith your cozy blanket, a hot cup of cacao and your computer in your lap. Thefeeling of relaxing at a maximum level while watching what entertains you themost. I am sure that many people use almost every available hour to do whatthey find entertaining. For all people addicted to something, a TV-series,computer games and what so ever, the feeling of not having enough time isawful.

You want the day and night to last a lot more than 24 hours. It is allabout priorities and combinations. We all love to be entertained, but why?Well, it is entertaining of course!  In many ways can entertainmentdistract me from my schoolwork. Imagine, you have plenty of schoolwork goingon. Deep down, you know that you should spend every hour left working on it. Justthe thought of all the hard work, drains you from energy.

You may tell yourselfthat it is okay to watch only one episode as motivation, but if you start bywatching one episode, it is easy to get trapped in the series. Suddenly, it istime to go to bed. Then you realize that the “one” episode you were going towatch, became all the last episodes of the sixth season. I mean, how temptingisn´t it to watch what you enjoy the most for a whole day, instead of workingwith school. There are some people who are watching TV-series while working onschoolwork. How is that even possible? Most likely, you will focus way too muchon one of the parts (maybe the TV-series), and then your schoolwork will end uphalf-done. This is not the way to learn. An entertainment can be verydistracting, which is why it is important for me to focus.

Using your computerto much can lead to an addiction. Suddenly you feel lonely without yourcomputer nearby. Spending much time on watching several movies a day can leadto less time for school.  On the other hand,entertainment can help me in my schoolwork. I often use my computer to watchTV-series and movies. A documentary is a way to learn. If I have to write atask at school about werewolves, a documentary about werewolves would beperfect as help. Maybe I am going to have a test in biology, and there are alot of movies to help me with that part as well.

Watching movies can actuallybe a resource. There are many people who learn much more by watching videos andmovies, in contrast to reading in a schoolbook. Despite of the video, the taskmight be a lot easier. To improve your English, it could be really effective togetting addicted to a TV-series for example.

Many non-native English speakersis used to watch movies in the original language (English). When I was workingin the hospital, I noticed that people from Holland are probably one of thebest English speakers in the world. I do not think it is because of lots ofstudying, but because of the impact of watching movies and so on.

Their televisionshows are not dubbed. They are in English- with their own language as asubtitle perhaps. English is an international language, which I find veryimportant. Free English learning by watching something that interests you.

Would you say no to that? I know I would not. To balance entertainment andschoolwork is important. Of course, school is important. Entertainment in lifeis also very important. To focus on one of the parts, and not the other one,would be a mistake. It is important to balance what you have to do and what youprefer to do. A way to balance is to be strict from the beginning. Make a planand be strict.

If you are planning your day, hour for hour, it would be easierto get time to do it all. For example, you watch 2 episodes of your favoriteTV-series, and then continues by working with a presentation the next 3 hours.If you are clear about what you want and how you want it to be done, it ispossible to find a balance.

There is a risk of doing otherwise, but you couldat least try to follow a plan. Maybe you could try to find somethingentertaining to watch, which actually is relevant for your schoolwork. Then youcan get entertained while you are making it easier for yourself to do your taskafterwards. How to find a balance is individual, but I think that it is verypossible if the lust is strong enough.

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