The Scarlet Letter: How nature plays a role in the novel Sample Essay

Overlooked in many books. nature plays a immense portion in the novel The Scarlet Letter. It plays its ain character that seems to demo emotions every bit good as its ain likes and disfavors.

It is where Hester and Dimmesdale foremost committed their wickedness and it besides seems to be the first topographic point where they are most forgiven from it. Metaphors were besides created with the usage of nature to maintain things more connected throughout the book. and to maintain the reader on path. Besides. Pearl seems to hold a connexion with nature as if she is it in a human-like signifier.

Negotiations of her being a fairy and an hob show this point clearly because both of those animals take attention of nature.The forest specifically is where many of the of import events occurred in the book and could in some ways be viewed as a separate universe from that of the Puritan community. In contrast to the hostile and unforgiving society Hester and Dimmesdale lived. the wood was understanding and accepting to the two. It is to be understood that the wickedness the two committed happened in the wood. This split the two a portion for at least seven old ages before they met back in the forests to happen comfort in one another. in the topographic point where their lives were changed everlastingly.

During the scene where Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the wood after seven old ages of being distant from each other. nature has a large function in allowing the reader cognize how it feels about the evildoers. When Hester wants to travel frontward with her life and with Dimmesdale. she talks about go forthing the yesteryear in the yesteryear and acquiring on with her life. After this. she threw the vermilion missive towards the creek.

“With a hand’s comprehensiveness farther flight it would hold fallen into the H2O. and hold given the small creek another suffering to transport onwards. besides the unintelligible narrative which it still kept murmuring approximately.But there lay the embroidered missive.

glistening like a lost jewel…” In this scenario. the river was stating Hester that her wickedness could non yet merely be washed off. This leads one to believe that the wood has yet to forgive Hester but in the following minute. Hester takes off her bonnet and lets down her hair and “All at ounce as with a sudden smiling of heaving.

Forth burst the sunlight. pouring a really inundation into the vague wood. joying each green foliage.

conveying the xanthous fallen 1s to gold. and glittering adown the grey short pantss of the solemn trees. ” God seems to be leting nature to open up itself for Hester whereas before it was unwilling to allow Hester enjoy in its Sun.

We see this alteration of bosom from nature because earlier in the book. Pearl is the 1 to acknowledge the relationship of the Sun and her female parent when she says ; “the sunlight does non love you. It runs off and hides itself ; because it is afraid of something on your bosom. Now. see! There it is playing. a good manner off. Stand you here.

and allow me run and catch it. I am but a kid. It will non fly from me ; for I wear nil on my bosom yet. ” Pearl connects the missive to nature eschewing her female parent and this as shown in the earlier quote alterations wholly subsequently on.Nature besides plays a metaphorical function in the book by going different types of flowers to demo the difference between evil and good. In the beginning of the book. the prison threshold “was a wild rose-bush covered. in this month of June.

with its delicate treasures. which might be imagined to offer their aroma and delicate beauty to the captive as he went as he went in…” The rose is the goodness the portion of nature that reaches out to everyone good and bad and is at that place to assist them to add beauty into the lives of the ugly. A black flower is mentioned as a metaphor for the evil consequences of Chillingworth’s hatred and Hester’s wickedness when Chillingworth says. “Let the black flower flower as it may. ”Red and black are farther indulged upon as metaphors in other parts of the novel. Another usage of the natural universe was in a description of the things Pearl played with. “The pine trees.

aged. black and grave. and flinging moans and other melancholic vocalizations on the zephyr needed small transmutation to calculate as Puritan seniors ; the ugliest weeds of the garden were their kids. whom Pearl smote down and uprooted. most mercilessly. ” The environment was used to demo both the good and the bad in the novel.


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