The Seven Design Elements of Customer Interface Essay

Our home page is integrated of Aesthetically design and Functionally design. We emphasis on the look-and-feel of the site because hotel demands heavy ocular component. so we use colourful and largely green subject merely like our hotel subject. it gives nature. warm. merriment. and comfy feelings like place ( En Casa ) and shows green cordial reception that we patterns.

Furthermore. our mark market is more on leisure travellers. we showed images of our luxury resort. Beside the expressions.

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we besides emphasis the functionality. we use linking construction and pilotage tools which facilitate the users moves through the sites. Like when people go to our web site and chink on “Our Global Home” .

it will take them to the list of all En Casa Hotel and Resorts belongingss around the universe. so they can easy entree to at that place and have a expression.Content The content of our home page is offering mix dimension which means we include merchandises. information.

and services wholly. We show our suites types. images and so we give information about the rates and installations. we besides put information about our restaurant mercantile establishments. watering place installations. meeting & A ; event and all services that we offers into the home page so people who interested can easy look for our inside informations.Community En Casa allows their client to hold a profile with them whereby they can set their information and their penchants when they stay at En Casa and to give a feeling of rank in our group.

We besides have Facebook and Twitter account whereby people can subscribe to us and hold interaction between site users. Our home page is following Non-interactive Communication type. our site presents inactive information and merely allows unidirectional communicating with them.Customization En casa has the ability to custom-make itself to each user. It has two dimension of customization.

one is personalization. it means when a individual come to En Casa web page. he/she can take his/her penchant linguistic communication. and following clip he/she go to our web page utilizing same device.

it will automatically put the linguistic communication. he/she no demand to alter it once more. The 2nd dimension is orienting by site. our package dynamically publishes alone versions of the site to turn to specific user’s involvements. wonts and needs more suitably based on past user behavior. For illustration when last clip our guest already booked a suite room with a pick-up limousine from airdrome. when he is booking another room with us. we will inquire whether they want a pick-up limousine once more.

Communication How our communicating works is broadcast. which means one-way information exchange from organisation to user. Broadcast communicating can be in the signifier of mass mailing. FAQ. e-mail newssheets. content-update reminders and broadcast events.

We applied One-to-Many. Non-Responding User. site messages are proclamations that users receive without necessitating to react.

It is when we announce our approaching events and publicities into our web page. We besides applied One-to-Many. Reacting User. Site messages are invitations to users to subject their remarks and responses. It is when our invitees can give their feedbacks to our web page or through TripAdvisor that linked to our web page.

Connection En Casa connexion dimension is Pathway of Connection. which refers to the links to entree extra information. And the type is Pathway-out-links cause the user to wholly go out our web site to travel to another web site but the content is still speak about our hotel. We applied this to Facebook page. Twitter page and besides Trip Advisor. They can look for our information at that place. for Trip Advisor. they can book our room excessively.

Commerce What we “sell” on our web page is our En Casa Hotel & A ; Resort’s suites. our installations like F & A ; B mercantile establishments. watering place. and besides meeting suites. For Commerce Archetypes. we applied Catalog Pricing.

which means the monetary value of goods and services are preset by us. Through our web site. they can hold reserve and do payment in progress because we provide payment installations like recognition card or debit card.


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