The Solar System And The Earth Essay

THE SOLAR CYCLE AND ITS EFFECT ON THE EARTHThe gesture of the Sun can trip temblors. The solar flairs besides have the capableness of changing the length of the twenty-four hours.

There exists a correlativity between solar activities and conditions. There is a correlative between assorted geophysical phenomena. volcanic eruption. temblor. solar activities and the length of the twenty-four hours.

DYNAMICS OF A PHOTONPhotons are frequently described as “wavelets” because a individual photon covers merely a really little sum of space” (World Wide Web. play-hookey. com ) .A photon of visible radiation is produced when visible radiation from a beginning ( Sun.

etc ) of an appropriate frequence ( threshold frequence ) impinges on the atom or metal surface. a phenomenon referred to as the photoelectric consequence. The light encroaching on the metal surface could be UV or infrared beams of appropriate frequence.The figure of emitted negatron varies from one atom to the other due to the difference in the features strength of visible radiation. The more the strength of the visible radiation. the more the figure of emitted negatron or photon of visible radiation. Another ground for the difference in the sum of photon of atoms in the periodic chart is due to the difference in the mass. The heavier the atom.

the more the no emitted negatron. In the same vena the energy of the emitted negatron depends on the frequence of the contact light beams.SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES OF THE VARIOUS COMPONENTS OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUMInfrared beams and wireless moving ridges carry less energy per photon than seeable visible radiation. They have low frequence and high wavelength. On the contrary.

UV rays. ten beam and gamma beams have high frequence and low wavelength. All travel at the same velocity as visible radiation. The difference lies in the difference in the wavelength.

X beams have found their usage in medical specialty as they penetrate human organic structure. Radio moving ridges have weak perforating power. Visible visible radiation can go through through crystalline objects e. g. glass.

Use OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM TO DETERMINE COMPOSITION AND MOTION OF STARToday it’s been possible to find the chemical composing of the stars. The valuable tool to make this is via spectrometry ( i. e.

the survey of a thing utilizing spectra ) . Astrophysics and spectrometry are closely related. “Astrophysics is the facet of uranology that trades with the physical belongingss of stars. galaxies and other astronomical objects” ( Astrophysics on astronomical.

org ) . Sunlight can be separated into its assorted colourss via a prism. Dark lines in the spectrum indicate countries with small or no light. On the Earth similar line could be seen with hot gases spectra. These forms correspond to specific component.The chemical elements in the Sun which is chiefly H are besides found on planet Earth. The huge similarities in the soaking up line of Sun and the stars lead to the decision that the stars composed majorly of He and H with hints of other elements. So many information is revealed by the soaking up line form of stars.

A big sphere of leading spectra contains soaking up lines.The star must be made up of an outer portion which is less heavy. ice chest and atmospheric and besides the interior must be hot and denser and produces a uninterrupted spectrum. The temperature of the Earth is reciprocally relative to the distance from the earth’s Centre. Stars lack liquefied interior as opposed to what is observed in other planets.

The denser portion is besides gaseous because of the high temperature. From EM spectrum it appears to us as if the stars ( and Sun. planet and Moon ) rotates around us. On a day-to-day footing. it arises in the E and set in the West. This is the diurnal gesture.

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