The Spanish Influence Essay

Spain colonized the Philippines for about 333 old ages so it is apparent that there are seeable cogent evidence of the Spanish influence in our beliefs or faith. political systems. linguistic communication. civilization and society. We say that done are the yearss when we were captured but we fail to recognize the Spaniard’s influences that we pattern up until now. It is apparent that we still pattern the Spanish influences as a manner of life of Filipinos.

To get down off the best illustration of this is the influence in our faith. They were the first who introduced Christianity to our state and converted the early Filipino dwellers from cardinal faith to Roman Catholicism. This is non merely an influence in faith but besides a lasting influence in civilization and society.An influence in the civilization and society. in the sense that they developed systems for Christianizing Filipinos.

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one is the encomienda. charity organisation wherein Spaniards are rewarded for their charitable plants or for the aggregation of testimonials for the church from the indigens populating within the boundaries and in return for their given tributes the encomienderos will look after their religious public assistance and the sedateness of the community. While other one is the reduccion system.

wherein natives that lived on the outskirts of town undergo relocation in order to garner them into communities and small towns so that they can be near the premises of the church in that manner the church can play a cardinal function in the citizen’s lives. This type of structural organisation of edifices and houses is still found today everyplace across the state. this symbolizes the Spaniards’ cultural influences in the Filipino lives.Remodeling the Filipino civilization and society in conformity to the Spanish criterion. Another is the Spaniard’s influence to the Philippine political system. the rubric of the places in Congress may hold changed but the structural organisation has a distinguishable resemblance to that of the Spanish regulation.

for illustration alcalde mayor down to the cabeza de barangay that plays similar functions as the present governors down to the barangay captains they portion the same intent of implementing the jurisprudence and enforcing uncorrupt leading over their components. Last. is the Spanish influence to the Filipino linguistic communication. the Filipino people has several native linguistic communications like Cebuano. Bisaya. Ilonggo.

Ilocano. Chavacano and many more but still if you analyze it carefully they are merely 1000s of Spanish words that we borrowed or adapted from the Spaniards or the so called Spanish “loanwords” .Their influence is apparent even by the manner we name our utensils ( kutsara. Plato. etc.

) . numbering Numberss ( uno. Department of State. tres ) .

and even our family names ( Villanueva. Estacion. Oracion ) . Good or bad we can’t deny the Spanish influence in the Filipino civilization because their influence is for good embedded in our civilization and it can non be undone. But nevertheless we responded to it selectively which means we merely adapted those influences that seemed to be suiting to the advancement of the state. enabling us to intermix with the autochthonal life style hence bring forthing our ain Philippine cultural heritage.


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