The Spartan Economy Hsc Syllabus Notes Essay

Toni Hurley) o “Spartan didn’t waste as much time making beautiful products but practical, essential goods, as a result their furniture, pottery and weapons was of highest quality’ – Plutarch o Clay was a natural resource in Sparta along the Reroutes River, and was used with potting wheels to develop pottery technology in Sparta.

Ivory and bone was such as difficult craft and had specific tools and equipment that it is most likely to have been introduced by immigrant craftsmen from north Syria o Most f I & B their carvings were religious and many were found in the Temple of Artemisia Aortic o Spartan sculptures of ivory and bone were found in temples in other Greek poles such as Argos, Preachers, Athens and Crete o Also used for Jewelry such as necklaces and brooches economic roles of the period (dwellers around’) and helots periodic monopolized all trades, businesses and professions o Manufactured goods such as furniture, weapons and armor for Spartan in exchange for agricultural produce from their killers Unlike Expatriates period were allowed to have gold and silver coins and didn’t live an austere life.Most of the monetary wealth of Sparta belonged to the period economic exchange: use of iron bars, trade o Spartan mainly used iron bars as a meaner of exchange, but also used gold and silver coins o According to Xenophobe and Plutarch, Ulcerous banned coinage in his many reforms o Plutarch says that their bars couldn’t be used anywhere else in Greece they used the iron bars to prevent the hoarding of money o Also prevented Spartan from buying luxurious items outside of Sparta o Plutarch says that Ulcerous assigned a low value to even a great mass of iron bars to prevent raiding o Although their currency was used to dissuade greed, there is evidence from Herodotus and Discusses that show some form of wealth being collected through fines and bribes etc. To government o Plutarch believes trade reduced as iron became a predominant form of currency o Foreign goods could not be bought as they did not accept their iron currency o Spoils of war were often brought back; this increased corruption o “the number of accusations of bribery made of Spartan shows that they had some coinage or equivalent with which to pay these bribes” – K. Welch


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