The Square Deal Essay

The Square Deal was President Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic plan formed upon three basic thoughts: preservation of natural resources.

control of corporations. and consumer protection. [ 1 ] Therefore. it aimed at assisting in-between category citizens and involved assailing plutocracy and bad trusts while at the same clip protecting concern from the most utmost demands of organized labour. In contrast to his predecessor William McKinley. Roosevelt was a Republican who believed in authorities action to extenuate societal immoralities. and as president denounced “the representatives of marauding wealth” as guilty of “all signifiers of wickedness from the subjugation of pay workers to victimizing the populace.

” [ 2 ]In his 2nd term. he tried to widen his square trade farther. Roosevelt pushed for the tribunals. which had been guided by a clearly delineated criterion up to that point. to give to the wants of the executive subdivision on all subsequent anti-trust suits.In 1903. with Roosevelt’s support.

Congress passed the Elkins Act. This stated that railwaies were non allowed to give discounts to prefer companies any longer. These discounts had treated little Midwestern husbandmans below the belt by non leting them equal entree to the services of the railway.

The Interstate Commerce Commission controlled the monetary values that railwaies could bear down. which had the long-run negative consequence of weakening the railwaies. as they faced new competition from trucks and coachs.Legislation was passed which specified that meat had to be processed safely with proper sanitation. giving the advantage to big wadding houses and underselling little local operations. Groceries and drugs could no longer be mislabeled. nor could consumers be intentionally misled. Roosevelt besides fought strongly for land preservation.

and safeguarded 1000000s of hectares of wilderness from commercial development. [ 3 ]


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