The state of domestic violence

The state of domestic violence (DV) problems in American society deals with neglect, physical abuse, death, and sexual abuse. Neglect is when a person feels uncared for. When two people are in a relationship they not only become physically attached but emotionally attached to as well. When the dominant partner feels the bond is starting to break or their partner may be showing another more attention he or she feels neglected. The dominant partner can become abusive he or she will begin to act on their emotion rather than fact. The goal of the dominant partner is to always get and keep power over their partner. Physical abuse happens when a person is attacked. This can happen whether the couple is married or unmarried. Physical abuse is any behavior that caused scars, humiliation, or harm to another. Physical abuse also happens to children; when physical abuse stems from mother and father to children than its called family abuse. 26 percent of children ages birth to 17 witnesses or experience some form of family violence in the US. (Hamby, Finkelher, 2011). Death plays a role in domestic violence too. Men aren’t always the aggressors sometimes it’s the women. Exposure to repeated physical, psychological, mental, social, and other abuse may cause depression. When a person is going through depression this could cause them to turn to suicide. Sexual abuse comes into play when a woman is being violated against her will. Sexual assault is another form of control. Between 14 percent and 25 percent of women are sexually assaulted in the US (NCADA.Org).
Domestic Violence isn’t only a problem in the United States it happens all over the world. Domestic Violence in Haiti differs from DV in the US. Neglect comes into play for the people of Haiti as it refers to their children rather than a couple in being in love. Residential hirelings in Haiti encounter higher rates of youth viciousness and have less access to training and money related assets than other Haitian kids. A study was conducted among the people of Haiti and 70% of Haitian women stated that they had suffered some form of violence. Like in The US women and children are being sexually assaulted as well. The problem in Haiti is they do not have the same resources as the US for as help from the government. Women and children are physically abused and forced into camps. In the US women have to right to leave and laws to protect them but in Haiti, the laws only go so far. Sexual assault is as normal as going for a walk to the women of Haiti it’s even done by the people put in place to protect them not all only partners. Death is possible but not from suicide more like murder.
As I stated earlier neglect is when a person feels uncared for. In Latin American community the monetary uniqueness places ladies in a helpless position since it renders them weak and, in an oppressive circumstance, convolutes the way toward clearing out. Add to that, times of criminalized abusive behavior at home, and the conviction this is basically how things are winds up imbued. Women in the Latin community are more likely to depend on the men in their lives for survival and when the men feel they’re no longer need they become abusive towards their partners. Violence against women is on the rise in the Dominican Republic. Women are physically abused according to Lourdes, a 60-year-old housewife “It is common in our community to hit women. It is a tradition,”. In the span of six years, 1,383 women and girls were killed ā€“ 783 at the hands of a current or former partner (Gizelle Lugo, 2012). Sexual assault in the Dominican Republic happens more between two people that are in a relationship or married rather by a stranger. Sexual assault cases are hardly ever reported. The deaths that occur are somewhat the same as in the US husband killing wives or wives taken their own lives.
Domestic violence in Mexico is a major problem. Women and children are fleeing to the US in seeking of justice. Mexico has a major drug cartel and sometimes women and children are sold to pay off debts. ladies are additional casualties of medication war-related brutality, they are regularly focused as a method for vindicating against match cartels or utilized as stock in the criminal sex showcase. Some Women die fright for their lives and others take their own lives to just get away from the repeated beatings and sexual assault.
In Colombia domestic violence has become normalized women and children are neglect and uncared for. Men are seen as the head of the household. Women are physically and emotionally abused. Like in the US and in other countries women and children are raped and tortured. The reason behind the abuse is so that the dominant partner could feel as though he has control. When a person begins to lose control, he becomes abusive most men feel as though they’re not being shown enough respect. Deaths do occur but like the US the men are committing the crimes against women.

Of the five countries I spoke up on the report of domestic violence is reported more in the US than anywhere. More women than men report that they are going through DV because like in the Latin community and in Mexico men are seen as the dominant or head of the household. Murder sometimes happen but in comparison to the other countries, the US death rate is a lot lower because we have the laws in place to help with the domestic Violence problem. Suicide has taken many lives due to domestic violence because the victims felt that he or she couldn’t take the abuse any longer.
Domestic Violence can happen to anyone no matter the age or gender. There are more DV cases among the white and Latin community than other races. Not only women have abused in DV cases sometimes its men. Domestic Violence isn’t only among people of different sex it happens in the LGBTQ community as well. I use the word dominate a lot because I am referring that’s the person in the relationship that has the most control. The leading cause of domestic violence has a lot to do with the person itself, maybe they were abused as children or grew up watching their parent fight. No matter the situation no one has the right to physically, mentally, or socially abuse anyone.

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