The Story of an Hour Essay

In Kate Chopin’s story of an hour, many questions arose in one’s mind. The controversial plot and twist did much for the reader’s imagination. “Chopin’s story was controversial from the beginning. It was rejected for publication by both Vogue and Century magazines as “a threat to family and home. ” (Line 4-5). Only after her next successful work was published did Vogue publish the story.

Having a big name magazine company reject her literary work because it was looked upon as threatful shows just how controversial a literary work can be.Chopin’s main goal was to shock and awe the reader with the plots ending. Many would never have guessed that Mrs. Mallards husband would suddenly appear alive and very well in front of the doorway leading to Mrs. Mallards death due to heart problems. This sour humor brought to my attention the sort of writing style Chopin uses. Mrs.

Mallard appears to be happy in the story in hearing of her husband’s death. This sprang the question, why?Was he an abusive husband? “The story itself states that Mrs. Mallard would weep when she saw “the face that had never looked save with love upon her. “”(Line 18-19) This could indicate multiple things. In personal belief, Mrs.

Mallard’s husband may very well have been a loving husband but they could have been unhappy in their marriage at times. The possible reason for Mrs. Mallard to be happy and “free” could spark from a regret of being married.Maybe she was unhappy because she got married to early and her husband was not her true love. Whatever the case, Mrs.

Mallard got the surprise of her life when he suddenly appeared at her door step. The climax of the story was mainly when Mrs. Mallard went alone in the room to try to suppress the feeling of happiness she felt at her husband’s death. And of course the falling action was when her husband appeared in the door way and which concluded in her sudden death.Works Citedhttp://facultystaff.vwc.

edu/~cbellamy/Dream%20Child/Chopin-%20Heeden,Pate,McBride,Barnardo.htm Chopin, Kate “The Story of an Hour.” The Harper Anthology of Fiction. NY: HarperCollins, 1991.



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