The structure for a chapter review Review writing requires knowledge of the right structure

The structure for a chapter review
Review writing requires knowledge of the right structure, which means how to organize content in the essays. Writing reviews generally requires you to know all the possible section, and the information to include for each of the sections. The following are the sections to include when writing reviews, each discussed in detail.
1. Introduction: This beginning section of a review introduces the topic and tells readers how the topic is related to the course. The introduction also carries the thesis statement. The thesis statements are the points and conclusions made by author about the subject matter.
2. Main points: The main points are included in the body section when writing reviews. The main points include the arguments of the author, and the evidence they have given on the arguments they discuss.
3. Author: It is necessary to state the author’s background, experiences and qualifications as indicated in the book. It is necessary to give credit, when you cite ideas from a given source.
4. Your personal evaluation: It is included in the conclusion section, although the body might also carry some evaluations about the topic. It is important to give new insights in the book when writing reviews. Tell readers what you learnt after reading the work or on the topic. You might tell them how the material relates (if it does) and why it does not (if it does not), to the course of study. Make sure to evaluate the work in a diverse environment, including in terms of issues, policies, and personality types, among other diversities.
5. Conclusion: Look at the conclusion given by the author and post a few comments about it. Try to know if the author accomplished the purpose he or she wished. It is necessary to state whether this piece of work is recommendable to other students in the same course of study.


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