The term cultural scripts pertain to a compelling new approach for articulating cultural norms

The term cultural scripts pertain to a compelling new approach for articulating cultural norms, values, and practices in terms which are clear, accessible and precise. This outcome is possible because cultural scripts are developed in a tightly strained. Cultural scripts are a hindrance to personal freedom. When an individual becomes hindered it can cause them to act out in different ways and can affect their personal freedom. Cultural scripts can be defined as patterns of interaction which are very unique to a particular culture.
Cultural scripts are non- universal unnatural modes of behavior, which define ideas, personal freedom, concepts or beliefs held by a society. The cultural scripts technique is one of the main modes of a description of the broad project which can be termed. There is a huge relationship with cultural scripts and cultural upbringings.
Cultural Scripts have generally accepted that speech communities have different ways of speaking not just in respect to the specifics of a language, but also in the form of the interactions. The differences often have an outcome of the assumptions that people have social interaction in a particular environment or a contextual that people bring with them in their social interaction. Which can cause a hindrance to one’s personal freedom? Most languages have universal words in common which can focus on the outcome of cultural norms of a country. Cultural scripts are not meant to be viewed as rules of evaluation and interpretation that may identify more than just the semantic meaning of the definite words. Also, cultural scripts are not purposely intended to contribute an account of real-life social interactions, but they are frequently held by societal observations and assumptions regarding how members of a certain group think about social interaction. Changes in speech patterns can generally affect the shifts in cultural scripts and norms. This can cause an individual to feel bound because of less freedom.
Cultural scripts and cultural norms are often compared to each other due to the similarity. Cultural norms are defined as the way we do things, in other words, it describes the custom and practice interactions within a specific government. It does not explain why things are expressed the way they are. “A norm is widely held cultural assumption about what is proper to think or do in a given situation” AOC page 3. Cultural scripts are very important because they generally accept a society or culture guides and regulates the behaviors based on its members. Without them, a societal group would be subject to the self-interest of each individual member. Many societies share commonalities in respect of the types of behavior that are bound to the subject by social standards, but it is commonly confused with being universal and by no means, it is not. Cultural scripts can be divided into different categories with the different degrees of importance. What falls into each category and the penalties for breaches often varies between the same country.
Cultural scripts are builders in everyday activities its culture one of the many factors that influence child development culture. “Posing such questions might lead us next to reconsider the attitudes and behaviors these cultural norms script” AOC page 18. Culture can be thought of as consisting of material and symbolic tools. Material tools are physical objects and observable patterns of behavior such as family routines and social practices while symbolic tools pertain to beliefs, abstract knowledge and values. One way of taking into account the effects of culture on child development is to observe the use of cultural scripts in child play. From the moment a child is born they are immediately surrounded by cultural artifacts which they can experience first by observing the adults they are raised around and then imitating the actions of these adults. Child’s play is a cultural construction in a way because children often enact cultural scripts pertaining to day to day practices representative of their cultural traditions. Children represent their world by imitating episodes of adult life in this way cultural artifacts present in the classroom allow children to develop practices and belief systems based on their social environment which can allow children to be hindered.
A child’s development becomes a very influential element in a child’s acquisition of cultural values and beliefs the scripts of child enacts and the tools used to imitate social rules have an origin and culture. Therefore it is easy to see how culture affects us in many ways. We are constantly interacting with one another in various setting how these interactions carry out are based on the cultural scripts passed down throughout our generations. These often tell us what to do and what not to do as well of how we should behave in a certain context. Cultural scripts guide our thought pattern across situations and in our communication with one another, it helps us follow cultural norms. In this way, cultural scripts limit the type of people we communicate with and the type of people we become. Children are the fine representation of this. As young age children are instructed in following certain cultural scripts and norms. There has been studies done to observe the extent of cultural scripts and how they mediate the lives of children. This is very important of how an individual’s development pathway is shaped by the socialization experiences made available to them by the cultural scripts. The effects of culture on child development through the use of cultural scripts.
Researches still question whether there is an actual hindrance on the individual’s personal freedom opposed to just the individual’s being. Indeed cultural scripts are a hindrance to personal freedom. Specifically, it has been shown that children become more eligible for becoming hindered in cultural scripts because of the cultural upbringings due to the child’s development and stage in life.


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