The three bears and Goldilocks Essay

The day seemed normal enough when it started. As usual, we decided to take a walk in the woods while our breakfast was cooling. Little did we know, life would never be the same when we walked back along the path we were so familiar with.

No one goes to that part of the garden any more. We pretended it was all a dream, but every time we leave the house to take our daily walk, the door was bolted with a strong lock. Here is how it all started. While the family of bears went for a stroll, a girl called Goldilocks, named after her blond wig, was also wandering in the woods.She went clubbing last night until the early hours and after too many lagers, she somehow managed to get herself lost in the woods. Not knowing what else to do she simply followed the narrow path until she came to the bear’s house.

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The door was unlocked. Her first thoughts were: must be something I can nick in there. Cigarettes got to come from somewhere. Meanwhile, the bears were also exposed to something they don’t normally see. We couldn’t have been in a better mood on that particular day. There were no fears of our secret being found so we had never thought about what actions should be taken if something happens.Unaware and ignorant of the world around us, we just headed back to our cottage expecting only porridge in the perfect temperature. We should have been more suspicious when we noticed cigarette buts littered along the path.

My wife just thought that I had taken up smoking and decided to mention it when our son wasn’t around. Back at the house the hung-over and very hungry Goldilocks forgot all about her plans when she smelt the porridge. Pleased at her new discovery she tasted daddy bear’s porridge; she decided it was too hot.Then She tried mummy bears porridge but she found it too cold. This porridge is just right” she remarked after tasting baby bears porridge. We were surprised that the door which we had left shut was now wide open. We swiftly noticed that the girl ate my son’s porridge and tasted the other two.

Not only did she eat our food, she also sat on our chairs before breaking my son’s favourite stool. Because she left the door open we thought the intruder left so we took time to clean up her mess before going upstairs. Oblivious to the situation, Goldilocks went in the bedroom to get her much needed sleep. “This one’s too hard” she said after trying daddy bear’s bed.Then she tried mummy bear’s bed but it was too soft. “This bed is just right” she decided before falling down sleepily onto baby bear’s bed.

“Somebody has been lying on my bed” declared mummy bear. I noticed my bed has also been laid on. I was too busy trying to work out why anyone would do this kind thing when baby bear said: “who is sleeping on my bed? ” baby bear’s angry shrill woke up Goldilocks, whose eyes were literally popping out of her sockets. Towered over by the bears, her hair stood on its end. I was so astounded by the situation. An eerie silence filled the room.

Suddenly, Goldilocks sprang up from the bed and headed for the window. Before I knew it, my trembling hand was griping a loaded pistol. No person must ever know our secret. I pulled the trigger. Only when the blank eyes of the corpse stared back at me did I realise what I had committed.

We gave baby bear a sleeping potion while we got rid of the evidence. When he woke up, we told him everything was a dream and the girl just jumped out of the window. But he knows the truth. Now no one goes to that part of the garden any more. They were busy trying to forget what had happened.


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