The tragedy of Julius Caesar is one of English’s biggest playwright

The tragedy of Julius Caesar is one of English’s biggest playwright. However, when he is asked to participate in murdering Caesar, he may have refused, but considering the circumstances, he gave in too quickly, from this we see he is respected and loyal, but easily pressurized. Julius Caesar wanted to be like the king. Watching the scene performed was a completely different experience from reading it.
This made Antony’s speech more effective in the fact that he used detailed reasoning for why Caesar was not ambitious. This was why the people came to his favor in the end. The tones and rhetorical devices they used helped to capture their audience by appealing to their emotions and helping to move the views of Antony and Brutus’s views the performance emphasizes the body language and facial expressions of the actors as a means of conveying meaning. These elements are missing from the text of the scene and must be imagined by the reader.
The two men have very few similarities although they were on the same side. Both of the men are murders, they both stuck a knife into Julius Caesar, they both played a part in killing him. They are murderers, however, it rolls of them quite easily, they don’t get anxious about it later, Brutus shows begins to be unnerve. He was in suspicion that Cassius was up to something, which was true. Being lean in the Roman times was a sign of not much wealth, as rich people could afford to eat as much food as they pleased. Caesar saw the thinking as a bad thing because he never knew what he was thinking. when he encounters the ghost of Caesar in a dream. To their credit, both of them fought with great heart and refused to yield,


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