The Treaty of Versailles Sample Essay

The Treaty of Versailles was made after WWI in Paris 1919 there was a representative from America. Great Britain. France and Italy.

American Woodrow Wilson. Great Britain’s David Lloyd George. French republics Georges Clemenceau and Italy’s Vittorio Orlando were known as the ‘Big Five’ . The Treaty was drawn up so Germany who was responsible for the war was to pay reparations to the Alliess and their associated powers. The Treaty consisted of Territorial Settlements. a war guilt clause. reparations and limitations on military power.I agree that the Treaty of Versailles had some good points but there were more incorrect than right.

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The chief failings of the Treaty were ; it was a determined piece that Germany was forced to subscribe the pact Germany thought this was unjust as anyone would. The pick was either to subscribe the pact or travel back to war. which Germany could non afford to make. Germany was forced to acknowledge guilt for the war although they didn’t experience it was wholly their mistake.

The Germans had to hold to a clause in the pact. which declared that Germany itself had been guilty of force and held lone duty for the war and its losingss.Germany had to pay US $ 32 billion in reparations for the war and the pact imposed Germanys military strict limitations. It was limited to 100 000 work forces with no aircraft.

armored combat vehicles or heavy guns and the Rhine River between Germany. France and Belgium was occupied by Allied military personnels and was for good demilitarized. The impact of the pact and under the footings of the territorial colony Germany lost 7 million German-speaking citizens and district. some to Poland. some to Czechoslovakia. The Polish Corridor besides divided Germany into two.

Germany had lost 12. 5 per centum of her district. all her foreign investings and most of her merchandiser fleet.Although the pact had more bad points. there were besides good things that came out of the pact. National individuality was recognized within states like Hungary.

Yugoslavia. Czechoslovakia. Poland. Lithuania. Latvia. Estonia and Finland. They all became independent states in their ain rights alternatively of being controlled. Another good point about the pact was the fact of there being a lesser likely goon of war by Great powers such as Austria- Hungary and Germany because they had been made weaker.

Americas Woodrow Wilson wanted the pact to be based on his 14 point program the chief points of that program were ; 1 ) no more secret pacts2 ) states must seek to cut down their arms and their armed forces3 ) national self-government should let people of the same nationality to regulate themselves and one nationality should non hold the power to regulate another4 ) all states should belong to the League of Nations. That program was aimed to forestall future war and non to penalize Germany. The pact of Versailles besides set up to what it is now called today the United Nations ( so called the League of Nations ) this was a grouping of states leaders/representatives to assist halt war and settee differences through out the universe.


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