The Ultraviolet Camera Essay

George Carruthers invented the Ultraviolet. Who was born in Cincinnati Ohio? His date of birth was 1939. And he had always loved Telescopes.

When he was 9 he had made his own telescope. He loved science and he also loved astronomy. And the word astronomy means to study the world around us .When he went to college he studied physics watch means the study of matter.He earned his doctorate in 1964. And after that he went to work for the naval research laboratory.

There he invented the Ultraviolet light. The light could let you see the sun with out hurting your eyes. After he got all the bugs out of the thing it was reedy to be sent into space and tested. So they blasted off into space. And when they got there it worked and they did their jobs. Even throw the flight was and susses him kept working on it until it was perfect. Until it was perfect he keep testing it, And it finally was perfect and it only took him 3 years to Finnish it.

And a another project he worked on was the global imaging monitor. What it dose is observes the earth outer most atmosphere. This is not and air force project. And it will not revolve a round there satellite eater.The camera was launched in 1976 and it worked.

And for the camera that he invented he did not go up in the space ship with he jest sat there and hoped and prayed that it would work. He was a vary smart and bright man. And the good thing about it is that he is still alive to day.

He has been on some space flights but not for his project, Because they felt that if something went wrong he could be killed or hart. And the impressive thing about it was he still was able to do the things he wonted to do even thow he was a black man. And one day I hope to grow up to is jest like him, because he is a grate remodel.The global monitoring satellite was apart of the Apollo 16 mission in 1972. Jest three flights after the Apollo 13.

To day he is in his 60 or late 70 but he is still alive to day. So in collision he made the light that lets you see the sun and helped on the global monitoring system.And the funny thing about it was when he was three he wonted to be and astronaut and he fofilled his breams even thou he only went on 2 space shuttle flights.

And that was only for the inventions that he did not make. So it goes to show you that dreams can come true. This is and report by Kenneth Carter.


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