The United States Postal Service is the oldest most dependable postal service in history

The United States Postal Service is the oldest most dependable postal service in history. The US Post office has become the largest company that we trust on to deliver and bring us our mail. The united states postal service delivers more mail to a large area than any other delivery service in the world. As of late the postal service has experienced tough competition which as decreased their volume in their letter mail. The postal service looks to bounce back and find new ways of competing with their competitors or face a total collapse.

1. Why is it important for the postal service to have high volume of mail to process?
It is important for the postal service to have a high volume of mail because for one it’s the largest postal service in the world, so business productivity would decrease if there isn’t a high volume of mail and thus the result would be an inefficiency of business productivity and unemployment of its employees.
2. What caused productivity to increase?
Productivity increased because of the development and growth of zip codes and a shift in mail dispensation. Mail went from manually being handled to automation by machines which led to a faster processing and a higher productivity.
3. What impact did competitive pressure have on the postal service?
The impact from competitive pressure caused a slowdown in the volume of the mail that the postal service was receiving. The competitive pressure also caused the postal service to restructure their entire organization.
4.What measures did the postal service adopt to increase competitiveness.
The postal service started to focus more on customer service. They worked on improving methods of meeting their customers mailing needs and created a more coinvent system. The postal service also reconstructed its organization. Now there are 5 regions and a total of 73 field divisions were converted to 10 areas. By focusing the manpower of the postal service more directly and improved communication.
5. What results were achieved by the postal services changes?
The postal service changes allowed it to eliminate programs, cut back on costs, and it attracted new businesses, and which reduced the postal services projected downfall. This new structure allowed postal managers to be more focused which improved communications and most importantly to satisfy customer needs.
6. What effect will increased use of email have on postal productivity?
The increased use of email will decrease the postal productivity because there will be a decrease in the demand for mail. Because of the insufficient consumption in the postal service the use of emails would have a adverse effect on the employment rate in the US.

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