The world of cars is amazing and exciting every day there are new cars produced with super speed and great appearance

The world of cars is amazing and exciting every day there are new cars produced with super speed and great appearance. One of these are electric cars. Electric cars are energy powered vehicles. The engine full of the car is replaced by an electric motor in the car. Electric cars technology become more popular recently. In this essay I will discuss interesting facts, advantages and disadvantages of electric cars.

The electric cars are sophisticated invention in technology world. They are model transport, which operated by electricity. This means that the electric cars are enabled by electric motors instead of petrol engine. Some people prefer to own an electric car because they want to find a method for dealing with fuel trouble (Lombardo, 2015).However, electric cars don’t differ too much from formal cars which are powered by gasoline, but the real difference is in the engine. Electric cars come with electronic batteries. On the other hand normal cars should be filled with gasoline to make it move (Kasana ;Manisha, 2017, p. 1).The number of electric cars has increased, but many people and groups don’t known the difference between electric cars and normal cars (Morelo, 2017). There are many international companies are making electric cars such as Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and Ford Focus Electric (DeMuro, 2013).

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The electric cars have many remarkable advantages. One of this advantages are that you can save your money. In this period oil prices are increased so when you have one of these vehicles you do not need to spend your money to fill-up petrol (DeMuro, 2013). In addition, you can recharge electric cars at home or work. That means you do not need to go to petrol station again (Berman, 2016). Also, electric cars are saving the environment because they do not pump out harmful emotion into the air (Lombardo, 2015). Finally, the electric car is quiet vehicles and do not make any noise. On the other hand, fuel engines make noise and this cause sound pollution, which has negative effects on peoples’ health (Morelo, 2017). Therefore, they have several wonderful advantages.

Despite these advantages, electric cars have some disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that electric cars are more expensive than other cars. Their cost can be about 40,000$ (Kasana ;Manisha, 2017, p.3). Moreover, electric cars take approximately 8 hours to recharge their batteries but you take minutes to fill petrol in normal cars. Also, electric cars have slow speed and short extent so they are not suitable for long trips. “They are also pretty slow, only topping out at about 55 miles per hour” (Lombardo, 2015). Therefore, they have disadvantages too.

In conclusion, electric cars have amazing facts, advantages and disadvantages which I have discussed before. To sum up, electric cars are unique inventions because its benefits to humans and the world in general, regardless of their disadvantages in my point of view I think that in the future manufacturers of electric cars will rise and many people will have one of them.


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