The world today is currently experiencing a refugee crisis to which have dated back towards the Second World War period

The world today is currently experiencing a refugee crisis to which have dated back towards the Second World War period. Thus, a series of internal and external struggles worldwide, in particularly the Syrian civil war, has led over 60 million people being displaced throughout the globe. Within several past decades, there have been a large number of individuals fleeing war, discrimination and internal disorder to which have led to massive concentrations or refugees in some parts of the First World Countries. According to the United Nations Convention (1967) the meaning of refugee is owing to a well-founded fear of being persecute for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of that country. This essay will discuss about developed nations should legally accept more refugees to host countries.

Developed nations should should welcome more refugees because it would have a moral obligation to accept more refugees. Developed nations have a moral obligation to welcome more refugees to the host country as we need to provide them a shelter and a safe place for their own safety. In other words, it relates to the sense of humanity and morality as it is a country’s duty to welcome the refugees, based on the respect and the value towards them. Developed countries have high amount of resources which allow them to allocate the resources for the refugees in term of basic needs without disrupting the government to provide necessities for their own citizens. For example, in Europe countries currently welcoming refugees that have troubled in political conflict instead of refugees who are suffering from the economic conflict. Kourula (2006) stated that the tradition of giving protection by the European to those fleeing persecution and human rights violations , one way of fulfilling our responsibility to protect the refugees is living up to our legal and moral obligations.

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Next, with the increasing of the populations and globalization in developed countries in welcoming refugees would increase economical impact and benefits. By welcoming more refugees, there will be an increase in the employment rate within the low skilled sectors and growth business opportunities. Parallel to the decrease in unemployment rate, this will benefit constructions developers and real estate investors as more accomodations have to be provided for the increasing amount of refugees into the developed countries. According to the World Finance found that the presence of refugees in the society would boost the economic growth of the country significantly in consequence of increasing the purchasing power, employment and the human capital as well. For example, refugees that came in are able to work by providing years of workforce in the low-income category for the country thus leading to more income for them also the economic growth of the developed country.

Developed nations should legally welcome refugees, there will be some drawbacks where the refugees pose detrimental threats to the social aspects of its host country. This conflict conditions is one of the most recognized impacts where refugees tend to inflict upon the livehood of its hosts community such as violence, crimes and diseases. Moreover, the intake of refugees to the host countries can cause social understanding between each other due to the language and culture conflict. The presence of refugees is more apparent in terms of general safety and crime rates, theft, murder,armed robbery and sexual and gender based violence. In addition, the difference between ethnicity also can cause a basis problems especially in the host country where the refugees and the citizens will have a weak social understanding between each other due to language and culture barriers. Despite the complication, host countries can improve their social understanding with the refugees. Moreover, the local citizens will have benefits in term of social where they can interact with the refugees. For example, the local citizens can widen their knowledge more about the refugees culture, behaviour, and made them become more open to participate in the community.
In conclusion, developed nations should legally welcome large numbers of refugees to the host country. It is clear that the increasing of refugees influx across the globe would have a moral obligation to the first world countries and have predominantly put significant strains on its host countries; nevertheless, it has also contributed to the advancements of economic and social aspects of the host countries.


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