The Worst Years of Our Lives Sample Essay

The penetration provided by Barbara Ehrenreich is likely the kind of thing cipher would of all time anticipate to hear–to the American audience. telecasting is superior. all-knowing. and every bit time-consuming as slumber. In the 21st century at present. telecasting has evolved internally. externally. and culturally. There is high-definition programming that purportedly increases the experience of watching. digital picture recording equipments that allow people to put aside clip to watch their favourite shows when they please. and remote controls that likely have Easy Bake Ovens should one decide to look difficult plenty. This is non to state that all telecasting is needfully a bad experience ( what with National Geographic. the History Channel. and intelligence scheduling on every other station ) . but for the most portion. it has come to be for the exclusive intent of amusement.

Ehrenreich’s article describes life in the 1980s. but the tendency of people non watching telecasting on telecasting for more than 15 seconds on telecasting ( confused yet? ) is a tendency that has continued into this twenty-four hours and age. But is this happening really a bad thing? Take into history what is normally seen on TV–people cookery. playing hoops. jesting with friends. citing The Magnificent Seven in another film. Peoples watch these things because they are entertaining. If another individual is decomposing off in forepart of the tubing the spectator himself is already stationed at. will there truly be an gratifying experience? Not barely.

Ehrenreich’s observation is really true. there is no uncertainty about that. But people watch telecasting to bask or inform themselves. non to watch others making the exact same thing. To support telecasting from an entertainer’s standpoint–not everyone can make the same things as others. True. “couch potatoes” make merely about nil shown on Television themselves like viing on world shows like The Apprentice or Hell’s Kitchen or executing the pathetic stunts seen on Nitro Circus. Ehrenreich says it absolutely: “watching telecasting is far excessively deadening to be televised for more than a fraction of a 2nd. ”

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We are Americans. We are fat. lazy people. We have fast nutrient articulations on every street corner. We have more channels on our telecasting sets than some people have money in the bank. So why do we sit around on our fat buttockss vegetating with a bag of barbeque flavored potato french friess in one manus and a beer in the other? Because it is fun and because we can. We keep watching because Gordon Ramsay’s inordinate cries of “what the space! ” and “you stupid cow! ” amuse us. With amusement available in 1000s of different signifiers. who would non desire to sit around for a twosome hours to hold some chortles and minutes of daze and astonishment? Our civilization has evolved ( de-evolved? ) and this terminal consequence is what is accepted as the norm.

Granted. merely because this unproductive life style is so common does non intend it can non be altered and controlled. Yes. we Americans have turned into starch-filled gourmands. A person’s ain deficiency of self-denial is what can do or interrupt this wont. That thought is an wholly different statement. nevertheless. Again. Ehrenreich’s observation is startlingly accurate. but the inquiry she presents can easy be answered by anyone willing to set their head to utilize. Oh. delay. “Anyone” is a couch murphy. Never head.

In that instance. telecasting can reply the inquiry. Why do we maintain watching? Because it is every bit much merriment as playing a board game or disbursement clip with one’s household. But who would hold thought all three could be done at one time? What a clever construct. Monopoly. chitchat. and American Idol all at one time. That is echt American amusement. In existent life. people can non merely hit person else without there being effects. They can non travel elephantine crab fishing or salvage some giants. On telecasting. people can make whatever they darn good delight. and that more than makes up for the sedentary life style of an norm ( or below mean. given the chance of their hapless physical conditioning ) homo being.


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