Their magic wands sparkle and rattle; you sew and glue vinyl, beads, ribbons Essay

Their magic wands sparkle and rattle

Bewitching favors can turn a child’s afternoon or party into a
fairy tale. With a quick bit of sewing and gluing, you can create these
magic wands for any special occasion. Sparkling colored beads in a
plastic pouch move like fairy dust when waved on top of a wooden dowel,
and the rattle of the moving beads adds a little magic music as spells
are cast.

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Materials for each wand cost about $2. You’ll need two 6-inch
squares of 12-gauge clear vinyl, a tablespoon or two of small colored
beads, three 4-foot lengths of ribbon, and a 3/8-inch wooden dowel 12 to
24 inches long (usually sold in 3-foot lengths). Vinyl and beads are
available at variety and crafts stores.

You’ll also need a template that measures less than 6 inches
in diameter (a design cut out of cardboard or any traceable object, such
as a small bowl or toy, will do), a ball-point pen, scissors, a sewing
machine, thread, a small funnel, and instant-dry cyanoacrylate glue
(Krazy Glue or Super Glue, for example).

Start by placing the squares of vinyl on top of one another and
tracing your template shape onto the top square with a pen. Cut out the
design through both layers of vinyl.

Using small stitches, machine-stitch the pieces together about 1/4
inch from the outside edge; leave unstitched a space at the bottom
center of the pouch just large enough for the dowel (you may want to
practice on a scrap of vinyl to determine the correct tension for your
sewing machine).

Insert a closed pen or pencil far into the pouch and move it around
to separate the layers of plastic. Open up every nook and cranny to let
the beads reach into corners; unseparated areas will be impossible to
open once the pouch has been sealed. Hold the wnad head upside down and
funnel the beads into the opening.

Without spilling the beads, lay the wand head flat; apply glue to
the dowel and insert it 1/2 to 3/4 inch into the unstitched opening. Be
careful not to let the beads get caught in the glue. Pinch the plastic
tightly around the dowel, avoiding skin contact with the adhesive.

Knot and glue different colors of ribbon just below the wand head
and tie bows in one or more of the ribbons. Recite the appropriate
incantation and the wands are ready as party favors or for general

Heidi Merry Ecker of Aptos, California, was the designer.

Photo: Magic wands of vinyl, beads, and ribbons bring out the fairy
princess in these youngsters. The easy-to-make wands are popular with
sorcerers as well

Photo: Templates for tracing can include cooky cutters, leaves,
designs cut from cardboard. Dowels are from lumberyard, other supplies
from variety store

Photo: Sew layers of vinyl around perimeter, leaving opening for
dowel. The vinyl sticks together, doesn’t require pinning

Photo: Pinch pouch opening tightly around funnel, then pour in the

Photo: You can vary wands by choosing different colors of ribbons
and beads, dowel lengths, and pouch shapes


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