Their new entry is hospitable and musical … thanks to a piano room Essay

A welcoming note sounds from this entry addition in San Anselmo,
California: it contains a music room to hold owners Deirdre and Oliver
Warin’s 6-foot grand piano. San Francisco architects Philip
Mathews and Regan Bice added the room and a new entry adjacent to the
living room. The new arrangement makes the entry more visible; the old
front door hadn’t seemed very hosiptable because it was hidden by
the projecting edge of the living room.

The addition includes the 19- by 29-foot music room and a 6- by
11-foot entry deck. To make a transition to the existing living room,
Mathews and Bice created a 6- by 10-foot front hall where a narrow entry
porch had been.

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Carpeted steps and a ledge ringing the music room make comfortable
seating for in-home concerts without forcing the warins to fill the
space with chairs. The steps curve slightly at one corner, ensuring
that the audience faces the performer, as in a miniature concert hall.
One wall also curves, its contour echoing the shape of the grand piano.

An inset of glass blocks and a skylight help brighten the room. Two
carpeted greenhouse windown bays provide additional light, seating, and
space for plants. Overhead track fixtures allow flexibility in
spotlighting at night. Adjustable bookshelves are built in behind the
piano to house a music library.


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