Their old wing is now a bright new library Essay

Two utility rooms died so that this new library and family room could
live. Originally, the one-story wing had no direct access to the
outside. By removing interior walls, raising the ceiling, and adding a
trio of bookcase-framed French doors, architects Mark Cigolle and Kim
coleman of Venice, California, created a single light-filled space that
opens invitingly to the back garden. The book-surrounded doors have
also become appealing browsing alcoves.

Outside, the architects carefully suited the remodeled wing to the
style of the early 1930s house by fronting it with a tactfully detailed
colonnade. To build the cornice, a 2-by-2 sits over a slanted 1-by-6 on
top of 2-inch cove molding meeting a 2-by-12. Behind this, a plywood box
beam completes the fascia. Molding and bases are nailed over 4-by-4

A 2-foot separation between the exterior wall and the colonnade
helps connect the library with a lawn platform two steps below. At
night, lights concealed behind the frame wash across the library face.


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