There is a better quality of environment in a suburban area than in an inner city area Essay

What is meant by this is that the standards of living would be higher in a suburban area compared to an inner city area. This is because the inner city is a densely populated and more crowded unlike the more pleasant spaced out suburban environment.The town which I have decided to investigate is my hometown of Billingham. The reasons that I have chosen billingham are because I live there and I know the area very well and as I live there I don’t need any transport to get me there, also I know my way around billingham very well.Billingham used to be an important industrial town around the mid-twentieth century along with the rest of the Teesside area. It was renowned for its shipbuilding and steel works along with the deep docks of the river tees. However as the time past industry slowly started to decline in the area and more industries disappeared. Today ICI is still in the area at both north tees and Wilton sites, and there is only one steelworks left in the area and this is still in Redcar, but now even that is under threat, but as far as billngham is concerned it still offers quite a lot of services.

It has a variety of shops such as chemists a local police station situated in the middle of the town, lots of building societies including high street names such as Argos, Woolworth’s, Boots and Dorothy Perkins. But as far as todays high street standards it is severely lacking.The billingham town square has been criticized for its high number of charity shops in the recent years of the town. The forum is still the main feature of the town square after about 40 years. The forum includes a swimming pool, an ice rink, a theatre multi purpose sports hall, rock climbing wall and some squash courts. As the forum is now very old there are new plans for the forum to be announced by the council to update the old complex. The town has also had plans to build a knew super market over the closed down Dunnes, the new tesco supermarket is to be finished off in the near future.

This is a hope to attract new business to the town.The two areas which I have chosen to look at are the High Grange area (highlighted by the blue on the map) as my suburban area and the Low Grange area (highlighted by the yellow on the map) as my inner city area.In each of the areas that I chosen I have chosen 5 sample points to help collect results from. The 5 streets that I have chosen in the inner city area are Tintern Avenue, Melrose Avenue, Reivaulx Ave, Kenilworth Road and Finchale Ave. The reasons why I have chosen these streets are because they are evenly spread out around the inner city area and will help me to get better results for the area.

The 5 streets that I chose for my other area are Wolviston Back Lane, Cockfield Ave, Springwell Close, Tunstall Ave and Bielby Ave. I also chose these areas so that I could get an overall view of the area which would help me get fair results.I have chosen a number of different ways to help me to answer the hypothesis, these ways are taking photographs, environmental index recording sheets, a noise survey, a traffic survey, a pedestrian survey and a questionnaire. I will be taking photographs at each of my 10 sample points to help me write up information on each of the sample points. I shall also make notes of the other relevant information which I can see in the photographs. My environmental index recording sheets involves me taking a certain place in the sample point street and examining the following areas.* Paving and Road* Litter* Street furniture (e.g.

Lamp posts)* Wirescape (e.g. Telephone wires)* Advertisement (e.g.

For sale signs)* Landscape and Vegetation (e.g. Bushes and trees)* Traffic and Parking* Traffic Safety* Building Conditions* General HousekeepingFor each of these ten areas I must it a mark out of 5 with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent. The traffic survey involves 5 different types of transport, the pedestrian survey includes how many pedestrians have been seen at the sample point location and the noise survey consists of 5 different noise levels with 5 being quiet and 1 being very loud.

I shall spend roughly 15 minutes at each sample, I will create a table where I will keep all of my results on the noise level etc. I shall also ask five residents from each area that I am working on, both sets of questionnaires will have the same questions and shall be set out the same.However there are some limitations to my work.

The scores that I give to a street on my environmental index recording sheets may be better for an area closer to my house because I don’t want to say that the area where I live is “scruffy”. While I have been doing this work I should have worked with a partner who lived in the suburban area so that the results should be fairer instead of having to do all of the work my self. The results from my traffic and pedestrian only show results from one time during the day, so I don’t get a clear view of how the traffic is at different times of the day or how many people are out at different times during the day.To make my results fairer I could have went back to the sample points at different times through the day to help me get better results for the traffic and also for the noise levels. My noise level survey could be classed as incorrect because what I consider to be loud may not be considered as very loud by another person who is used to that noise level, this is another limitation of my project.

My prediction for the projects is that the suburban area will have higher standards of living than in the inner city area. This will prove the original hypothesis.


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