There were many factor that all contributed to Hitlers rise to power Essay

Source A shows us that Hitler aimed to achieve in his election campaigns. He used different methods to indicate his power. He produced slogans for purposes of propaganda. SA soldiers were marching in perfect coordination which implies how powerful and disciplined they were, which all shows what a great leader Hitler was and could be to all of the citizens if only they would elect him.B)Source B and C support source A to a certain extent. Source B is an extract form a book written by Albert Speer in which he is describes the meeting that Hitler addressed in 1931. Hitler in his speech gave hope to people. There was something for everyone.

‘Instead of hopeless unemployment, Germany could move towards economic recovery’. Hitler was trying to persuade people to believe in his new ideals, to consider voting for him because that would bring them justice, he promised to make Germany a better place. ‘The sight of discipline won her over’. Hitler had a very high authority amongst his soldiers and that helped him to gain power and acceptance by other people.The evidence in this source has a clear link to the information in source A as it describes the disciplined soldiers of SA. Source C on the other hand is a photograph taken by someone and it shows the SA rally at Nuremberg in 1933. Hitler’s supportive allies are standing straight in rows, looking disciplined and smart which imply the projection on power. This also supports the evidence in Source A as again the photograph shows how many people Hitler had on his side and how well mannered and disciplined they were.

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However there are some limitations with the source like the fact that they are only telling and showing one side of the story. Source B is only one person’s point of view and Source C is a photograph of Hitler’s ally but there were also many people who had been against Hitler. Although there are some boundaries to the resources they are both showing how well-organized the rally of SA was and it’s evident who would be an ideal leader.C)In Source D there are many useful evidence about the appeal of Hitler and the Nazis. Source D shows us that Hitler was a very powerful public speaker.

‘I want to know what there is left to be ruined by this state’ – he quoted. Hitler had his own ideals of how we wanted the country to be led. He was not happy about the procedures that were taken in the country by Hindenburg. From this source we can see that Hitler gave people what they needed – hope. He appealed to their sense of patriotism. He was a straightforward man who wanted to show people that even a simple man could make their country something astonishing while the greatest people could do nothing to make it a better place to live in.

Source E on the other hand is presented by a British woman who lived in Germany. She is describing the events in 1934. Hitler although was not in charge of the country knew exactly what was going on and what people had been in need of. He had a clear goal which was to make people believe and accept his ideas.

How ever hurt the people were by the outcome of the Wall Street Crash – Hitler was there for them with new ideals. There was something for everyone in. He would provide jobs for the unemployed and give land to farmers. It appealed to people because all of the ideas and policies were clear. Hitler’s leadership skills were effective so people respected him, and that was exactly what he needed. The change from violent to legal methods finally came and it was supplied by Hitler. He reorganised the Nazi Party by using discipline and that also was what people needed. Both of the sources show that Hitler and the Nazis appealed to people by their surprising yet magnificent deals.

D)There were many factor that all contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. He was able to convince the German people through various tactics, such as his masterful use of propaganda and his superior oratory techniques that he used at mass meetings. In addition, he was able to attain power during a time of economic crisis and destitution of a nation. Source A talks about slogans that Hitler had created which were a simple message to persuade people that he has the control over everything and if they would only follow him, he would help them to fully recover from their loss. People were overwhelmed by the sight of SA rally marching in perfect rows looking disciplined and smart so their respect for Hitler rose. Hitler was ready to rebuild what was once demolished.As it is stated in Source B ‘Instead of helpless unemployment, Germany could move towards economic recovery’, Hitler knew what he had to do to appeal to people. The years after the Wall Street Crash were hard to cope with for people.

But for Hitler it meant victory. When the Great Depression hit Germany in the early 1930’s the German economy was in horrible shape. Many Germans were left unemployed, homeless and practically hopeless. The depression just added to German debts and despair.

These economical conditions in Germany created a perfect scenario for Hitler to gain power and influence. With the government in debt and unemployment growing everyday, the Germans were looking for a strong, powerful leader to take control. So Hitler seized his opportunity to gain power in the years of the depression.Since 1928 until 1932 the unemployment increased, the Nazi party also had increased in the numbers of members, their campaigns and propaganda had clearly turned into accepted opinion. Another reason why Hitler was able to rise to power was due to the failure of the Munich Putsch of November 1923. At his trial, Hitler gained enormous publicity, which made him well known.

He spent only nine months in Landsberg jail where he learnt many lessons. He learnt that the only way to gain power is to stand in elections and destroy the system from within.He also realised that he did not have enough big friends and by 1932, he had won the support of the army and industrialists.

World War One had left Germany in defeat. Germany was put under immense pressure by the treaty of Versailles, which contributed to the disastrous and politically unstable early twenties. Hitler was a strong and manipulating character, with extraordinary leadership skills and his party was very tactical.He was very much underestimated by opposing political parties. All of these factors lead to Hitler and his Nazis’ becoming the sole political party in the Reichstag in 1933. In source D it’s apparent that Hitler was a great public speaker. He used his image to look powerful.

He had a loud, harsh, monotonous, dulcet voice. When the people of Germany heard this voice they felt commanded, as if he was someone who was angry about the state of their country but could do something about it. His voice made him sound like someone who had a great deal of power.Not only did his voice help him appear powerful, but even his clothes, haircut, facial expressions, logos, and mannerisms played a part, too.

He wore very military clothes, like a uniform, nothing rich, no bright colours. That made him very appealing to the lower classes, for it was as if he was one of them, as if he did not come from a very upper class background. It made him seem more worthy to be a leader if he had experienced the poverty that most of the people had.

It was the brilliance of Hitler’s leadership that brought him and the Nazis to power.


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