These festive gift cones are surprise-holders Essay

These festive gift cones are surprise-holders

To delight youngsters with a holiday treat, let them choose from a
bouquet of brightly colored gift cones. Made of cardboard and wrapping
paper, the cones hold small favors wrapped in colorful tissue paper.
You can make a handful of cones in just a few minutes to fill a basket
and be ready for holiday visitors or unexpected guests.

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To fill a group of cones, use inexpensive favors, cookies, or the
fruit taffy canes on page 80. A single cone could also wrap a special
gift placed under the tree.

You’ll need thin cardbord or two-ply bristol paper, several
colors of wrapping paper, some ribbon, and some large self-adhesive
stickers “about 1 1/4 inches in diameter). Also have at hand clear
tape, scissors, and–if needed–tissue paper for an inner wrap.

Cut the cardboard into squares 5 inches or larger; the cones in the
photograph above were made from 11 1/2-inch squares. Cut the wrapping
paper into a square 1 inch larger on each side than the cardboard, then
follow the directions in the caption below.

Photo: Gift cones in a basket hold small surprises for holiday

Photo: Five steps to making the cones:

1. Bring one corner of cardboard square under opposite corner to
form a cone; tape to hold. 2. Cut off excess cardboard along dotted
line. 3. Shape wrapping paper around cone; tape in place. 4. After
filling, fold in sides of triangular portion of wrapping paper above
cone. 5. Fold down long flap over cone opening; add a ribbon loop, if
desired, and fasten with a self-adhesive sticker


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