They pushed out the porch and raised the roof Essay

They pushed out the porch and raised the roof

Deft design changed a dark porch, a large but dark and badly
arranged living room, and an unusable butler’s pantry into the
bright, open spaces shown here.

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Architect Judith Chafee of Tucson pushed the exterior walls out to
the edge of the old porch, then sloped the porch roof more steeply to
catch the sun with clerestory windows, brightening the new spaces as
well as the old ones.

Making the old areas flow smoothly into the new ones required clear
roof spans with no supporting posts. Chafee used steel I-beams (27 feet
long in the living room and 20 feet in the breakfast room) to bridge the
spaces that used to be supported by load-bearing exterior masonry walls.
The old beams in the living room ceiling tie directly into the I-beam,
which is faced with gypsum board painted to match interior walls.

New exterior walls are all glass except for one angled wall that
defines a small outdoor eating area off the breakfast room and serves
indoors as a display wall for the large weaving you see in the
photograph above right.

On the south-facing living room clerestories, roof overhangs act as
sun control; in the west-facing breakfast room, vertical blinds filter
the sun.

Photo: New clerestories bring in light; new sloping ceiling bounces
it onto expanded breakfast area. Spotlights reflect off ceiling at

Photo: Ceiling beams and decorative brackets tie into new steel
I-beam that allows clear span across opening to old porch

Photo: Glass walls tie in to old porch posts; continuous tile floor
minimizes transition from indoors to garden. On each side of living
room are outdoor sitting areas


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