Thinking Styles: Contrast and Comparison of Optimistic and Emotional Thinking Essay

The squad is composed of a bulk of Optimistic Thinkers and one Emotional Thinker. They may be different thought manners. but both have their parts in order to better organisations. with their portions of both negative and positive effects to determination devising. Optimistic thought and emotional thought are two different facets that an organisation should see. since these two thought manners could be a utile tool in accomplishing success non merely for the organisation or company. but for the people in it every bit good.

With the squad being composed of a bulk of positive minds. sum uping their manner of thought would necessitate foregrounding on the cardinal points of Optimistic thought. Optimistic thought. or merely optimism. is leting one’s ego to see the positive side of whatever state of affairs one may come across with ( Heathfield. 2007 ) . He should be able to capitalise from that state of affairs. even though there are certain losingss. he should be able to cognize the points wherein he could turn these losingss into additions. Optimistic people are those who capable of coming up with programs that leads to success in bulk of life’s facets. where he sees every state of affairs as an chance for him to derive something. Because of this manner of believing being optimistic normally leads to higher accomplishments.

Optimistic people are said to hold that voice in their caput. stating that they can make anything. every bit long as they put their heads into it. The determinations that they make does non include negative options. because they should ever believe positive. ever think that they are at the having terminal. With that manner of believing. they are able to restrict or make off with the negative self-talk. which normally hinders their success. Why say no. if you can state travel? Talking negatively to one’s ego could cut down self esteem. therefore cut downing productiveness ( Martin. 1991 ) .

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The optimistic minds in the squad have a mentality towards success. As a whole. they people whose mental attitudes are towards growing. and expects good and favourable consequences. If they don’t rather acquire the consequence they expect. they don’t halt at that place. They are the 1s who capitalize with the state of affairs at manus. ne’er discouraged by failure ; hence. they consider these failures as an chance to better.

These optimistic minds are the 1s who have a positive head. wherein they non merely anticipate. but anticipate felicity and success to every state of affairs they find themselves in and in every action that they take ( Martin. 1991 ) . Bing optimistic minds. these people in the squad believe that they are in control of everything that happens to them. so it is better to believe positively than to believe otherwise.

Thinking positively or being optimistic is non something that you inherit from your parents. It is an attitude you develop as you go about and turn. whether you tend to easy acquire affected by the negative occurrences around you. or you wish to impact these negative occurrences and seek to do them favorable for you. That is what sets the optimistic minds apart from others.

Because of optimistic thought. these people consider themselves as an plus to the company or the organisation. and they are right. With their heads focused on success. everything that they do. every enterprise that they take ever turns to the positive terminal. Optimistic thought is contagious. since it could elate other people and hike their morale. particularly with the thought that if others can. so I besides can ( Sasson. 2006 ) . That is why optimistic minds essential in an organisation.

These positive minds have made guidelines that they follow. in order to acquire things traveling for themselves. The first 1 is commitment ; they make a positive committedness to themselves. their work and all their beliefs and causes. Being committed agencies ever being on the right path. and that’s what fuels these people to success. It is the end of an optimistic mind: success. Another cardinal point that optimistic people emphasize is challenge. An optimistic mind is brave and is non afraid of alterations ; alternatively they see it as an betterment. They ever have a room for alteration. since it is an of import attitude that they should keep. Don’t be contented of what you have or what place you are in now ( Martin. 1991 ) . Challenges are chances in camouflage. so an optimistic mind is non afraid of these things.

The squad has a member who is an emotional mind. Even though he is non an optimistic mind. this doesn’t mean that this emotional mind is non an plus to the squad or to the organisation. In fact. holding an emotional mind in the squad would intend holding a successful squad. since these emotional minds are the 1s that normally handle people with easiness. the 1s who are capable of being a leader to a squad of competitory optimistic minds ( Foss. 2007 ) . Having an emotional mind means holding person who can manage people. person who knows how to fuel them to success. non merely because they have the encephalons or the endowments. but because they have person who understands they good. person who understands their demands and jobs. And that is what emotional minds do best.

Pull offing people is considered to be an of import duty and duty of any leader ; they non merely oversee their public presentation. but their emotions as good. so that they are able to execute with their full potency. That’s why emotional minds are on the phase of going good leaders ( Howells. 2000 ) . They have sufficient emotional intelligence which is considered to be humanistic-encouraging. They show involvement in people. wherein they are non afraid to interact or to sympathise. their emotions are their best plus in caring about others and to be able to promote them to better.

Bing able to interact with other people without judging their personalities or knocking them in any manner would open the line for communicating with the people that these emotional minds manage. They are able to do a connexion. and people are non hesitating in holding conversations with them. Emotional minds have this humanistic behaviour where they can promote personal growing to other people. particularly their subsidiaries. Even though you have intelligent people in your company. if they are non well-motivated. well-guided by these emotional-thinking leaders. so their endowments would merely travel to blow. All in all. an emotional mind is able to link with other people’s feelings. assisting them to be more productive. therefore assisting the organisation move towards success ( Foss. 2007 ) .

Having the optimistic minds and the emotional mind in the squad is a good thing. since it is non merely the competitory attitude of the optimistic minds that is needed. but besides the counsel of the emotional mind. But holding excessively much of everything is non good. that’s why everything must be kept in balance. If there are so many optimistic minds. so there will be no pint of collaborating with others. therefore increasing competition inside the squad.

Because of this. the squad might crumple and take a awful autumn. On the other manus. holding all emotional minds wouldn’t warrant a occupation done. This is because they will ever be looking out for the public assistance of others. therefore burying that they should besides take for success. That is why holding a combination of these two ways of thought is a good thing. Proper counsel plus a squad of end oriented people would swerve the squad. or in a larger graduated table. the company. to success.


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