This research paper is using the qualitative method by setting a number of open ended questions in the unstructured interview

This research paper is using the qualitative method by setting a number of open ended questions in the unstructured interview, for our research we interviewed three expatriates who have experienced this cross cultural adjustment. The expatriates we interviewed were all accompanied by their families during their foreign assignments in the UK. They all state that its very puzzling to adjust with our families and as family always comes first they are a huge driving force to whether or not they want to stay abroad or go back home. One of the expatriate he said in the start it was extremely challenging to adjust abroad with my spouse as in the start I was working late and travelling a lot while she was alone at home, which lead to various tensions. As the barrier of language, norms and beliefs is very strong adapting to the new environment is difficult and time consuming. Another expatriate that we interviewed said with my family it was very hard to adjust because we were all alone and they no longer had the luxury of servants or drivers so initially it was very hard to compromise and adjust. After taking and analyzing the interviews and the previous research, the result came up that the adjustment of the spouse consists of 3 things: how well the spouse builds relationships with host-country nationals, how well the spouse adjusts to local customs and the culture and the extent to which the spouse has a sense of feeling at home in the foreign country. Achieving successful adjustment in all three dimensions depends on whether the spouse can reinvent his or her identity in the new culture. So the overall response we got was that families face several adaption problems which a few families are able to tackle and they decide to stay while the rest of the expatriates they prefer to return home. The expatriates were further asked what advice you could give to future expatriates, they stated that that the future expatriate will need to have high tolerance and be patient as in the start adapting to that change is very tuff. Before going abroad it’s always better to acquire some knowledge about that country to try to understand their culture, norms and ways for doing things and if one isn’t familiar with the language it’s always better to polish them before going. Another point that can help a lot is talking to earlier expatriates and overcoming any concerns that they have, it’s always better to eliminate the stress beforehand. Also if one has the means then make a prior visit to that country or the organization. The expatriate needs to find a balance between his work and his family for the adjustment to be possible


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