This scholarship would award me the opportunity to pursue the career of my dreams

This scholarship would award me the opportunity to pursue the career of my dreams. I have always had the desire and determination, but lacked the financial support to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse. Being a nurse is what I am called to do. Making a difference in people’s lives and helping them achieve their health goals is very satisfying to me. Receiving financial aid would allow me to make a difference in the ever-changing world of health care. My family has always supported my efforts, but unfortunately, they cannot afford my college fees. That is why I am taking the initiative of applying for a scholarship.
As a well-rounded person who is committed to serving others in the community, I wish to have the best possible chance for a bright future. I am married and a mother of two, and am seeking your help in the expense of going back to nursing school. I have applied myself throughout my life to excel in many aspects of the medical field such as: becoming a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Paraoptometric Assistant, but have always lacked to become what I am truly called to do. Which is becoming a nurse. I know that going forward I will show the same initiative throughout nursing school and will make becoming a nurse my first priority. The reason I have always fallen behind in this area is because of the expense issue, either due to a child of mine going to college or my family just not able to make ends meet. I am positive my commitment to school as a nursing student will improve my future by teaching me skills to enhance my abilities as a nurse. Your investment in my education would be an investment for future generations.


I'm Sarah!

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