This section would list down all the possible theories that could be a guiding principle in the execution of this research

This section would list down all the possible theories that could be a guiding principle in the execution of this research. The enlisted sources were made by local authors in the context Philippine society regarding the topic of social media addiction specifically for Facebook. Because of its modern structure, the gathered pieces of information to support the assumption made by the author were published in only just a few recent years and in these researches classical theories have been applied. The frameworks would be presented and are separated according to their structure and specific purpose for its application.
The niche of this research is to determine qualitative data that emphasizes on the impact and effects that the phenomenon had caused on the target audience. On his research, Mart Dela Pena (2012) proposed that Facebook has positive qualities and advantages a user may come to a point of over-usage thus it can lead to different sets of consequences. Applying this to his focus, Dela Pena adapted it to the context of education and his respondents were students. As a reflection of such unmonitored behavior, the grades and points earned by the students in class are greatly affected. (Gracia 2011 as cited by Dela Pena 2012).
With the same idea but with a more general point of view, Josan Tamayo and Giselle G. Dela Cruz examined the situation at their school Centro Escolar University. The goal to completely illustrate the relationship between academic performance and social media was established when the data result was evaluated as 51. 4% among the student population still managing to maintain a passing grade while 48.6% who goes below the accepted standards. Nevertheless, social media had still diverted most of their time that should have been spent on their studies. (Tamayo and Dela Cruz, 2014)
Furthermore, the rise of social media has paved the way for the innovation of the process of communication; however this may also mean easier access and permission for selfish immoral intentions to be done, for instance cyber bullying in which the number of users being victimized by such crime continually increase. (Duque, 2014)
With a certain study, it has been reported that there are a number of Filipino Youth who are always accessing the cyberspace from time to time. Such reasons range from the most common with the need to stay in touch with a relative overseas and to the general with purpose of leisure and habit. The findings had proven the existence of a phenomenon called as Media Dependency, in which the various needs of user employ heavily on the media. (Bristol et al, 2016).


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