Those daring young men on their flying long skis – Steamboat Springs ski jumping Essay

One of the country’s two 90-meter ski jump towers is in Lake
Placid, New York; the other is in Steamboat Springs, in northwest

The Steamboat Springs one–on Howelson Hill, off Fifth Street–is
making news this month and early next. On February 9 and 10, it will
host the Rocky Mountain Division Nordic Championships. Some 100 of the
best young jumpers in the West will compete in 20-, 30-, 50-, and
70-meter jumps on Saturday, in 90-meter jumps on Sunday. Competitions
begin at 9 and run all day, both days.

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February 23 through March 3, jumping events will be part of the
Nordic Junior Olympics, bringing thousands of “skinny skiers”
from ages 14 through 19 to town.

For details, call (303) 879-0695.

The viewing is free from bleachers and along the hill. As you
study each jumper, look for steadiness, a body arched well out over the
skis, and a solid landing.

Dare to try it? Skiers with jump experience can pay $3 to go down
the ski jump any Wednesday night after 6, January 2 through March 20.
Some novices use downhill equipment for short jumps, but it’s best
to wear wide jumping skis if you’re attempting any longer ones.


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