Those who have seen Hyde describe him as “particularly wicked-looking”

Those who have seen Hyde describe him as “particularly wicked-looking”, embodying the aggressive tendencies of the id. His actions speak for themselves when he tramples “calmly over a child’s body”, and beats Sir Danvers Carew to death with his cane, holding true to the impulsive, aggressive, animalistic and primal tendencies of the id. Just like the id, Mr. Hyde has neither constraint nor remorse for his actions, as he seeks only to satisfy his urges. As Dr. Jekyll, he must “conceal his pleasures”, but Hyde is his relief from this. Stevenson describes him like an ape. Carew is only asking for directions, but Mr. Hyde beats him to death. Mr. Enfield also says he looks like a “juggernaut” when he runs over the girl. Animals don’t have consciences; they don’t know what’s right or wrong. They only care about themselves. Mr. Hyde is the perfect id. By definition, the id is driven by pure instinct, feeling no remorse about its actions whether they be good or bad. As described by Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde “animal within me”.


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