Three Cities Essay


Three metropoliss such as Mogadishu. Auckland and Edinburgh are wholly different metropoliss in different states and different economic systems. population. population groups. environments and major attractive forces. A metropolis like Mogadishu suffers from war and dearth and a prostration of the economic system. nevertheless metropoliss like Auckland and Edinburgh seem to hold much brighter hereafters.

Mogadishu. Somali

Mogadishu is the largest capital of Somali and lies on the Indian Ocean seashore of Somali and its Centre is for oil refinement. nutrient processing. and chemical production. It was originated as an Arab colony in the tenth century but faced a ruin by the sixteenth century. In the 1990’s. it suffered desolation from Somali Rebel forces and the effects of the civil war has crippled the economic system. Somalia is known as the horn on the eastern seashore of Africa and it’s bordered by Djibouti. Ethiopia. and Kenya. The national flag is light blue with a five-pointed white star in the centre. Anthem is Somalia Hanolato significance ( Long Live Somalia ) . Somalia is one of the most Muslim states in Africa.

Economy of Mogadishu serves as a commercial and fiscal centre. However. the economic system had to retrieve from the worst civil agitation. Because the government’s free trade without any revenue enhancements or regulative outgos. it makes concern cheap. Prime industries such as nutrient. drink. fabrics and cotton make the chief beginning of the market. The economic ruin is disease. hapless growing. societal fractionalization and environmental harm.

Aid for human-centered alleviation supports the post-war economic development. including Restoration of schools. clinics. farms. mills. and ports. Aid is a long-run investing. Mogadishu has several costs such as human costs to the Somali. Ethiopian. and Ugandans ; security costs. and human rights.

Somali wood coal is the biggest export of the state and a large concern shaper. However. it has caused desolation in Somalia’s South and Central part woods from traders acquiring rich. The losingss of income have caused nutrient entree to deteriorate well for hapless families. An estimated 30 to 40 per centum are displaced within the metropolis. The Somali diaspora numbering about half a billion dollars a twelvemonth. that will prolong strong trade figures. The interaction with the Western universe and the Islamic universe has gain Somali influence. whereas business communities and Islamic charities are turning in strength.

Population of Mogadishu is the largest capital. the largest metropolis. During the civil war 1991-1992 destroyed the substructure. crippled the economic system and decreased the population due to famine and motion of refugees. Since the 1990’s. the Somalian population was 6. 7 million with an one-year rate of 3. 24 % . Mobile pastoralists and semi-nomadic Herders made up three-fifths of the population. Agriculturists and town inhabitants about one-fifth. Cultural groups are divided into Samaal descent groups of four pastoral nomadic clan-families such as Dir. Dawrood. Isaaq. and Hawiya and two agricultural clan-families Digil and Rahanwayn.

Somali linguistic communication predominates and is widely used on the Banaadir seashore and Central Somali. However. other linguistic communications such as English and Italian are less than 10 per centum. Islam is the official faith with the bulk of Sunni Muslims and Arabic is used. In 2007. about 350. 000 Somali people fled Mogadishu because of heavy combat. A diarrhea eruption that has affected 17. 000 people and caused at least the deceases of more than 600 people. Sexually familial viral infections consequence the Mogadishu population. Hepatitis B was detected in 37 % of pregnant adult females. 4 % of newborns in educated adult females and cocottes.

Recent heavy combat in the Mogadishu capital has inflicted the civilian population coercing more than 320. 000 people to fly. The Somalian civilization is traditionally divided along kin lines. In the 1990’s. more than 8. 4 million were mobile pastoralists or semi-nomadic Herders subject to arid clime. There were 25 per centum who were agriculturists populating in the Southern portion of the state.

Mogadishu estimated 500. 000 in the mid-1980’s. By 1992. Mogadishu had 2 million dwellers. Somali societies section themselves into a hierarchal system by competition between kins and line of descents. General Mahammed Siad Barre’s societal authorities attacked the traditional system that would diminish the significance of kins and line of descents by educating adult females and take parting in the authorities and supported the societal equality of underprivileged groups. “The warring parties have all shown condemnable neglect for the wellbeing of the civilian population of Mogadishu” ( Roth. 2007 ) .

Mogadishu population groups consist of 6 clan-families in Somalia. Each kin is sub-divided into line of descents. The cultural groups in Somalia history for about 15 % of the population but discriminated by Somali kins. They are to be from plain Arab and Iranian descent. There is besides the habashadoon who are an import group of pre-Somali agriculturists. huntsmans. and Smiths. Nomads and semi-nomads are dependent upon farm animal make up a big part.

Al-Shabaab a well-trained reserves group consists of 500 and 700 combatants. Pastoralists represent about 60 % of the entire population of the part. The Riverine represent the poorest group of 5 per centum of the territory population.

Mogadishu’s environment for the past 15 old ages has been without a authorities to protect its citizens. boundary lines. and territorial Waterss. The state faces H2O scarce and there isn’t any active engagement to near the job of its natural environment and people. Another mistake is the political crisis that has done amendss to the nation’s environment. Somalia Centre for Water & A ; Environment in coaction with Mogadishu University runs the undertaking Environmental and Water Awareness Raising Project in Mogadishu that will concentrate on environmental and H2O issues. Besides. the Plan for Environmental Awareness Raising Campaigns will concentrate on how to pull off jobs or at least halt farther devastation to the environment.

Sever implosion therapy and chronic drouth causes imbibing H2O to be a major job. sing there’s merely 18 per centum of the population that has entree to safe imbibing H2O. In the small town of Luglow. it has no money to purchase fuel and their harvests are deceasing. Mogadishu’s H2O system suffers from hygiene and environmental sanitation. Troubles to keep support for kins deported due to drought. a loss of support on cowss and a deficiency of enforce environmental ordinance such as ruinous deforestation. Large-scale dumping of risky waste by European states.

Mogadishu is left vulnerable since the prostration of 1991 that war has broke out of civil perturbations and kin competitions in the capital have interfered with human-centered alleviation and prevented economic development. which was the cause of dearth that spread throughout the state. Targeted snatchs and force still continues. Today. the Islamic reserves group is in control of the capital.

There has been a deathly conflict that has left 100s dead and wounded. Somalia faces counterrorism activities. The military rise has changed Somalia’s landscape. “The US authorities has focused on several possible problem musca volitanss in Africa. including the huge. unpoliced Saharan sweets in West Africa and sophisticated Islamic webs in South Africa. but no 1 has been every bit unreassuring as Somalia’s lawless environment” ( Donnelly. 2006 ) .

Human-centered alleviation can assist alter the face of this devastated capital by assisting communities enduring the emerging menace of HIV/AIDS. Child maltreatment. favoritism. and inequality for adult females and misss. By besides. reconstructing services. support. and turn toing hazard that the authorities has non been able to make.

Mogadishu’s chief attractive forces. as it’s known to be a unsafe metropolis. if you’re prepared to go to the capital the chief landmarks are the Arab-Rucun Mosque known as the mosque of the four pillars. The metropolis has a 1. 000 twelvemonth old history. where Arab and Iranian bargainers founded the metropolis in the tenth century. It’s one of the earliest Arab colonies on the East African Coast and became a prima commercial point in the thirteenth century. The port had been under the control of the Sultan of Zanzibar.

It’s a fact that Somaliland is non on a map and harmonizing to the international community it does non even exist. Britain is the former colonial power in Somaliland but has non recognized Somaliland. While sing Somaliland you’ll learn a cultural history in Hargeisa where 50. 000 people died of struggle and antediluvian stone pictures of Port Berbera. The people of Somaliland are friendly and suiting as you are greeted everyplace you go. In Somaliland everyone speaks Somali and English and French are widely spoken.

Somaliland is warm in the winter and one of the hottest parts of the universe in summer. The transit web roads are ruddy in the showery yearss. traffic visible radiations don’t map wholly and there are no implemented traffic Torahs or public conveyance. To derive safe travel through Mogadishu. you must be accompanied by heavy armed ushers and guards. There is a likely opportunity of being killed or injured. The Bakaara Market is the largest market in Somalia that was created in 1972 where it sells beans. wheat. and rice. and other imports and medical specialty. It became known for selling little weaponries. arms. ammo. and projectile propelled grenades.
Auckland. New Zealand

Auckland is the metropolis of the canvass is the largest urban metropolis of New Zealand surrounded by semitropical islands and really much spread out. The New Zealand flag is bluish with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quarter-circle with four ruddy five pointed stars edged. Its population consists of 1. 3 million. which indicates that it will be one of the fastest turning states in the universe. Auckland lies between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean to the E. It is one of the few metropoliss in the universe to hold seaports.

Auckland’s economic system has major corporations and is seen as the economic capital of the state. Financial and concern services make up a big per centum of the economic system in the capital. Its repute as one of the largest commercial Centre. New Zealand looks to come on to a high income. market economic system. to vie internationally to an economic hereafter and a globally competitory work force and effectual substructure. Auckland is looking for transit to go the place of globally competitory houses and to happen strength in its diverseness. besides repute and expertness to be shown throughout the universe and to be one of the best topographic points to make concern.

Auckland’s population has over one million people and is one tierce of the population and the largest Polynesian metropolis in the universe. New Zealand society consists of all cultural groups. the world’s 10th largest. All individuals 30-39 in Auckland in 2001 rate 31 % . In the population groups Pacific peoples speak 62 % their first linguistic communication such as the Samoans. Cook Island Maori the 2nd largest Pacific group in New Zealand speak 17 % of their first linguistic communication. The Niuean and Fijian cultural groups speak 26 % of their linguistic communication.

There are 80 per centum of cultural groups talking English. The Asiatic population speaks 62 % of their original linguistic communication. The Korean groups 81 % . the Khmer/Kampuchean/Cambodian group 76 % and the Indian group 62 % . In 2001. 66 % of Asiatic group spoke English. The Dutch/Netherlands group spoke English 95 % . There are about 4. 1 million of 80 % European descent such as the Maoris are the largest group of the non-European cultural group. The European descents are known as “Pakeha” means non-Maoris. The Pakeha have British and Irish lineage and the smallest per centum and Dutch. Slav and Italian.

There are about 30 % of immigrants from East Asia that come from Japan. China. Korea. and South East Asia. The prevailing faith is Christianity that is 60 % of the New Zealand population and Anglicanism. Roman Catholicism. Presbyterian. and Methodist. The minority population includes Buddhism. Hinduism. Islam and Judaism. Between 1996 and 2001 in New Zealand averaged 3. 3 % growing of migration. Manukau are the highest growing at 11. 4 % . Christenchurch and Dunedin have larger parts.

Auckland’s environment duty is to keep the community of healthy ports and turning concern. The three major seaports Waitemata. Manukau and Kaipara supplying a wealth of wildlife home grounds. Auckland has wideswept dune lands along the West seashore. diverse rain forests. Speciess of workss grow in the temperature parts and woods are filled with birdlife. In the Lowlandss. the H2O contains wildlife animals. Climate alteration is expected to increase the incidence of storms. implosion therapy and eroding in Coastal countries.

Auckland’s environment besides suffers from waste disposal such as in 2006. 300 local occupants dumped over 13. 000 kilogram of risky waste. The Lake Rotoitipaku series as one of New Zealand’s waste disposal site. The site was a scenic lake. surrounded by sacred Maori land. In 1964. with the end to increase industry in the Bay of Plenty. the Tasman Act insisted that Maori landholders lease or sell the lands to set up a waste site. Lake Rotoitipaku is covered by more than 20 metres waste.

Auckland has an exciting mixture of civilization. theater. and widely distributed experiences. The Victoria Park Market has over 100 mercantile establishments that carry apparels. keepsakes. and a nutrient market. The metropolis is surrounded by Hills and bushland. Mt Eden you can see at 360 grades across the suburbs and seaport to the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean. West of Auckland has wine makers and farms in the flower and fruit turning countries.

Across to the islands and trips around the Gulf is via ferry and charter boats. The Rangitoto Island situated in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf its terrain had a last volcanic eruption and the clime has allowed exuberant growing to boom amongst the lava. The Bay of Islands has most beautiful coastal scenery and a major attractive force.

The bay offers flaxen beaches. seafaring and boat sails. The natural milieus are warm Waterss that are ideal for kayaking. swimming. diving and fishing. The topographic point has a history of the historical township of Paihia and where the Treaty of Waitangi between the European colonists and Maori heads in 1840 first signed it. Auckland was voted as one of the best lifestyle metropoliss in the universe.

Edinburgh. Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital metropolis and 2nd largest beside Glasgow since 1492. It’s Have two distinguishable towns which are Old Town and New Town. The Old Town was founded in 1583 that represents mediaeval history and as for the New Town that was built in the 1800’s. The metropolis promoted educational and professional development. The Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695 that would take to fiscal capital constitution. Located on the South-East of Scotland of the Central Belt on the South shore. Edinburgh was home to a quickly spread outing population of 35. 000 and became a major tourer finish.

Edinburgh’s economic system is the strongest in the UK and is reflected by GDP capita. Education. wellness. finance and concern every bit good as touristry remain the biggest employer. The Edinburgh Centre is around banking and fiscal services that are the of import facets of Edinburgh for about 300 old ages. Edinburgh has emerged as Europe’s sixth largest fiscal Centre. The public sector plays an of import function in the economic system. “Scotland histories for one-eighth of the UK’s export gross. Scots Parliament has authorization over local economic development. instruction. and training” ( Stanton. 2007 ) .

The success of concern will supply rapid growing and derive greater net incomes. A turning economic system is the Scots authoritiess top precedence and to seek a successful and comfortable hereafter. The Scots Parliament helps conditions the higher growings. every bit good as back uping concern chances to hold on to the new economic system. Increasing investing and advance its commercialisation as a topographic point to work. unrecorded. and bask the quality of life.

Scotland gained the prominence of oil since the 1970’s and another of import industry is fabricating such as woollens. silks and linens. Fabrics and intoxicant are the major exports. “At a state degree. economic growing is more likely to be tied to broader betterments in the society. competivness and entrepreneurship across the country” ( Ward. 2007 ) . Scotland’s economic system is being supported by 1000s of foreign workers and it needs more immigrant labour growing.

Edinburgh’s population is 1. 25 million and is projected to increase in the following 15 old ages. The greatest jutting population growing would be between 2004 to 2024. If the current tendency continues it will diminish below 5 million in 2017. It takes about a 3rd of the entire country. Scotland’s two largest metropoliss are Glasgow ( 680. 000 ) and the capital Edinburgh ( 443. 000 ) . The Edinburgh metropolis covers an country 1. 74 thousand km2. The overall population sums to 780. 000 with the metropolis of Edinburgh accounting for over half this figure with a population of 445. 000. The revised tendencies are due to somewhat more births. somewhat fewer deceases and more people coming to Scotland than go forthing.

Edinburgh’s population group is about 2 % colored with fewer Scots and Asians. The larger groups are British and 20. 000 pupils abroad that move to Scotland. South Asians are by far the largest doing up 52 % of the full population. The South Asiatic population has a higher proportion of kids and people of working age so minority cultural population and the proportion of aged are smaller. In the older age groups. work forces outnumber adult females. 35. 000 Polish people that have come to Edinburgh are immature.

Edinburgh’s environment has scenic wetlands that are 40 estates in the urban landscape that has wildlife such as birds. butterflies. and H2O animals. Colorful native workss and shoal pools. Winters are mild. summer temperatures are moderate. and rainfall is reasonably throughout the twelvemonth. Scotland’s fresh water has more than 30. 000 lochs and 6. 600 river systems. Scots agribusiness depends on fresh water for farm animal. grazing lands. and harvest systems. Deluging often causes harm and loss of harvests. Scotland is job work outing the H2O intervention to take and destruct toxins in imbibing H2O.

Past history of pollution that has ne’er been considered by the industry with the aid of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Industrial sites are purely controlled from contaminated disposal. Energy ingestion by fossil fuels. coal. oil and gas in other words unsafe for the environment because these three probably energy resources causes acerb rain. air pollutants and toxic waste. By taking efficiency steps. sectors holding taking duty of puting in energy salvaging equipment such as solar powered street visible radiations help the environment.

Edinburgh is one of the most widely distributed metropoliss in Europe and filled with humanistic disciplines. civilization. athleticss. and attractive forces and the host to the world’s largest humanistic disciplines festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe. the Edinburgh International Festival. and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The nightlife consists of bars. saloons and nines. The Edinburgh palace is one of the most visited attractive forces.

The Edinburgh palace is like no other caste in Scotland. its over one thousand old ages old. Edinburgh has some of the best eating houses that are Scots and British with assortment of nutrients or largely deep fried nutrients. The capital is a modern metropolis of art. civilization and museums. galleries. universities and festivals. It’s a host to showcase of art. music. play. and dance. The Lothian countryside provides a beautiful rural scene for historic places and palaces. The countryside has mountain extremums and deep lakes.

Compare and Contrast

In comparing to all three metropoliss such as Mogadishu. Auckland. and Edinburgh. 1 African state and two European states the 1 that faces the most adversity is Mogadishu because of kin Rebels who want control of the state and a corrupted authorities for the past 15 old ages. Auckland and Edinburgh’s authorities is willing to do a way and a good quality of life for everyone to populate in. Unlike Mogadishu from its yesteryear problems has made the economic system suffer and go forthing people without human-centered assistance and forced them to fly their state.

Auckland and Edinburgh are similar because a foundation like New Zealand Trade & A ; Enterprise ( NZTE ) believes people bring the universe creativeness through new thought that will heighten New Zealand established and emerging countries of competitory advantage. Raising planetary acknowledgment helps profit New Zealanders for increasing chances for international trade. economic growing and foreign investing.

They seek to construct and develop relationships with both private and public sectors. New Zealand estimates GDP of $ 101. 685 billion dependent upon its trade and exports such as agribusiness. gardening. fishing and forestry. Auckland has the highest productiveness public presentations and labour income such as stronger growing in rewards for wage/salary workers than other parts.

Edinburgh has had an established 300 twelvemonth economic system and is one of the strongest in the UK. Successful concern chances are turning and turning and more people are coming to seek chances and increasing the population. Auckland and Edinburgh isn’t confronting any hostile wars or dearth. it’s a topographic point to populate. work. and turn. Mogadishu on the other manus is left in oblivion and needs stronger construction to construct up and reconstruct the state like these European replacements.


All three of these metropoliss have interesting histories behind them and hold proved to win as amalgamations in the economic market. Gathering from a batch of this information teaches that each metropolis provide for its people or whether they’ll emerge or non make because of deficiency of touristry. Businesss from other states will possibly look into these states in the hereafter or assist retrace a state like Mogadishu or households looking to hold a better life style will see Auckland and Edinburgh. Overall. these states offer some of the best experiences one has to look and do them a topic of involvement.


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