Three-quarters of Japan has mountains

Three-quarters of Japan has mountains, with plains and basins covering the remaining area. Japan is long islands stretching from north to south. America is a flat land with trees. Japan has big and small islands that surround the main islands. America has slopes but isn’t hilly or has mountains. The mountains and islands of Japan help show a beautiful landscape. The geographic of Japan is 145,932 mi.
Japan has two leaders. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Emperor Akihito. America has one leader. President Donald Trump, before he entered politics he was a businessman, television personality. He also became head of his family’s real estate business in 1971. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was a politician serving as the 57th Prime Minister of Japan. He was a leader of the Liberal Democratic Party since 2012. Emperor Akihito he is head of the Imperial House of Japan. In Japan Emperor Akihito doesn’t have any political power at all. In the world of politics the emperor is just a current emperor.
The population of Japan is. 127 million people live in Japan right now more people might move there. If more people move to Japan the population will increase. America has 325.7 million people living there now. If America gets more people to move their population will increase.
Japan has four main seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Winter normally lasts from December until February. Winter is dry and sunny along the Pacific Coast and the temperature drops below 0 degrees celsius. In America Winter last from December until March. The Spring last March to May. The temperatures are warm but not hot. There are cherry blossoms out plenty to enjoy for festivals. Fall in America last from September to the last day of November. When Summer begins it last June to three to four weeks. It’s a rainy season so that’s when farmers plant rice. It is hot and the temperature is in high 30’s. The Summer wraps up along August. Summer in America start late May to early June and wraps up to the end of August.
A Japanese family is called a kazoku. It is basically a couple that is a family in some societies. The Japanese family is based on descent and adoption. Other families that are self-employed, husband and wife work side by side. Gender roles is a clear cut, that might not be as distinct in a household. Japanese families are also based on descent and adoption. In Japan family members are expected to give their contribution to the family, is the highest member of the family.
The types of food Japan has is. Sushi also called sashimi, is a small piece of raw seafood placed on a ball of vinegared rice. Most common ingredients are tuna, squid and prawns. Cucumber, pickled radish and sweet egg omelet are also served. Ramen is most popular. Ramen is eaten with chopsticks. Food in Japan is cut in small pieces to cook faster. Silverware is not used as utensils in Japan, but chopsticks are used instead. They are slender pieces of wood used to pick up the food.


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