Three Sociological Perspectives Essay

By and large. there are three sociological positions that sociologists use today to near certain subjects sing the society. These theoretical positions are symbolic interactionist.

functional analysis. and struggle. These theoretical positions hold different attacks in footings of sing the society as a whole.

These different theoretical positions can besides supply different attacks for different people depending on how it suits them.The symbolic interactionist position is a sociological position that generalizes mundane or cardinal signifiers of societal interaction ( Schaeffer and Lamm. 1998 ) . The interactionist position. as the word suggests. focuses more on the little groups interact with each other. The interactionist position focuses more on little groups in order to understand society as a whole.

So fundamentally it sees society as a merchandise of the interaction to these little groups. If I were to set this position into usage. I can see myself as an person who has certain duties to carry through in my household.

In a larger image. my household has duties to execute in the society.In the functional analysis position.

the construction of the society is given more focal point to accomplish stableness ( Schaeffer and Lamm. 1998 ) . It focuses on the maps and disfunctions of establishments within the society. For illustration. I am a pupil. therefore I have a specific map to carry through within the group I belong in.

my school. Namely. I have to analyze and take part in the establishment wherein I belong.Harmonizing to American functionalist sociologist.

Robert Merton. there are two types of human maps under the class of functional analysis position. There are the manifest maps and latent maps.The manifest maps.

as the word suggest. are maps refering to the obvious and expressed. Manifest maps can be easy identified by the simply usage of common sense. Latent maps trades with the subtle and implicit. It is really difficult to find and nail these latent maps as opposed to attest maps that merely necessitate common sense. Latent maps require sociological attacks to be determined.The struggle position argues that the construction of society is a merchandise of struggles.

may it be past or ongoing. This perspective draws much from the plants of Karl Marx on category struggle ( Schaeffer and Lamm. 1998 ) . If I am to utilize this position on my instruction. my instruction is a merchandise of my past struggle which is the lower degrees of instruction. It is besides my ongoing struggle as I am still endeavoring to graduate.There are besides degrees of analysis that we can utilize to see subjects in the society.

There are the micro and macro degrees of analysis. These sociological constructs are besides known as macrosociology and microsociology. Basically. it is about self-explanatory. Micro pertains to the “small picture” and macro is about the “big image. ” The micro degree of analysis is much focused on the little societal forms.

It is more punctilious on the little inside informations of the construction of society. On the other manus. the macro degree of analysis is all about the larger social forms ( CliffsNotes. com ) .An illustration of analysis on the macro degree is the three sociological positions that I have presented in this paper: symbolic interactionist.

functional analysis. and struggle. All three theoretical positions are on the macro degree of analysis since they all have a different position of the society as a whole.However. it is argued by many critics that the symbolic interactionist position is on the micro degree since it focuses more on the inside informations instead than the whole of society.MentionCliffsNotes. com.

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