Three University Essay

When criterion of life of people increase.

they frequently think about bettering their cognition for a better life. To make that. they choose to analyze in developed states where they can acquire progressive instruction such as US.

England. Singapore. etc.

Australia is one of them. it is chosen because of its attractive clime and life style. However. international pupils have different demands and conditions.This research study examines three universities in Sydney. Australia.

viz. University of engineering Sydney ( UTS ) . Macquarie University ( MU ) . The University of New South Wales ( UNSW ) . and compares them with regard to fees.

intake. position and length of class. location and conveyance. and international pupil figure and supports. There are similarities and differences between these three universities in length of Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) class. consumption and class fees.

This class at UTS lasts 2 old ages. while it last 1. 5 old ages at UNSW and 1 twelvemonth in MU. Students intake is 2 times per twelvemonth. UNSW has the lowest frees of $ 4.

440 per semester. whereas UTS has the highest fees of $ 12. 150 per semester and it is $ 9. 765 per semester at MU. The location and conveyance besides have many differences. For international pupil who live in Sydney.

UTS is the most convenient because it is located about five proceedingss from the cardinal concern territory.Its location is on major coach paths and following to Central Station so that it is really easy to entree. In contrast. both MU and UNSW are located 20 proceedingss from the cardinal concern territory. Students can entree by coach.

autos. train. ferries. etc. The international pupil Numberss and support at these three universities are really different.

Over half of pupil at UTS are from abroad piece merely about a one-fourth at UNSW are international pupils and it is about 33 % at MU.These three universities are offer many international pupil supports for pupils. For illustration. UTS supplies larning support and coordinator academic accomplishments. In decision. all three universities have attractive characteristics. Student can take a university which can react fortunes and demands of pupils.

UTS is close CBD but the cost is really high. MU and UNSW offer class of the same length. and have lower fees than UTS.However. the international pupil Numberss at UNSW is lower so pupils can have the best respect.

For these grounds. UNSW is the best pick for oversea pupils who want to analyze in Sydney.


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