Through the usage of color

Through the usage of color, the movie was able to tackle major social issues and allude to the bible, which are deeply rooted concerns in American culture. The main element of change (to undergo a color change) as interpreted from the movie could very well be a symbolism of sin, as many of the non-colored feared.
Pleasantville can very well be the equivalence of the Garden of Eden, a place of innocence and perfection. However, when Jennifer and David (who aren’t so innocent) are placed in Pleasantville, things begins to change as Jennifer and her ’90s permissiveness contributes initially to the discovery of sex. Thus, such an act has broken the perfect harmony of Pleasantville and soon everyone who doesn’t conform to the norms of Pleasantville undergoes a vibrant color change. This color change is believed to be an act of sin and corruption for the most part of the movie; it was very shameful to be a “colored.”
In the bible, Genesis introduces the story of the Garden of Eden where there is a “Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.” As many may know, Eve was tricked by the serpent to eat from the tree, and thus brought knowledge and evil to mankind. In Pleasantville, this was portrayed as the discovery of books (the good)and the partake and openness of engaging in sexual activities (the evil). All of a sudden, the youths of Pleasantville became very interested in the empty books in the library that suddenly became filled with words and stories (Huckfinn) and they also started flocking to Lover’s Lane. As they, so to say, “sinned” they changed from the black and white to vibrant colors.


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