To begin with

To begin with, true love requires time. Very often lust, infatuation and persuasion are mistaken for love. Love can only be established when you give time for it to grow and mature. The more time you bond with the person, the more you gain interest in their qualities, hobbies and personality. This results in growing love for your significant other and later on achieving wedded bliss. By having a strong connection with the person before sharing your life with them, it results in a happier, and healthier future.There is evidence of this in Shakespeare’s play in Twelfth Night as Viola (Cesario) works for the Duke of Illyria, they both began to feel a sense of friendship/closeness with each as they were able to express they were able to talk about woman, what is love etc. At the end of the play, Orsino figures out that Cesario is actually a girl (Viola).He ends up forgetting about his “love” for Olivia and marries Viola because overall he fell in love with the idea of love and not the lover themselves. In addition, unlike the other people in Twelfth night, Viola’s feelings of love were genuine. She loved Orsino for who he was while the other characters seemed to be feeling lust for their admirer, not exactly love. Even though, Viola loves Orsino in the play, she sacrificed her love in order to please the Duke by fulfilling his wish of convincing Olivia to marry him. This showed that Viola was truly in love with Orsino as Shakespeare displayed some of these characteristics in the play such as sacrifice, kindness, loyalty , humility, and sympathy. From this scene in Twelfth Night, this proves that every love story begins with friendship. Friendship makes a foundation, a pathway that will have bumps and edges but also include smooth hills along the way. This also proves that it is very rare to have a successful intimate relationship with someone who you just met or know very little about. There were many different types of love in Twelfth Night, very few were true love.


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