To legalize or not legalize prostitution – that is thequestion Essay

I’ve often been the victim of other people’s misguided and ill-informed first impressions and I can assure you it does become somewhat annoying.

A quick introduction and such people believe they know me well enough to make assumptions about my personality and my social and political beliefs. Probably you’ve come across this type of person yourself. Ever quick to impose their opinions on whoever may be stupid enough to listen, perhaps they should wait and gain a more detailed impression before stereo-typing everyone and making judgments on someone or something.

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It doesn’t bother me what most people may or may not think of me, if they cannot be bothered to get to know what makes me tick why on earth should I worry about them? For obvious reasons I try not to typecast anyone I don’t know, because of the way they look or by what job they do, or by what background they appear to come from. Yes, of course, there are individuals I do not like but that dislike stems from their personality and not because he or she may have a different sexual preference to mine, or be of a different ethnic origin, or have different religious beliefs to me, or is in a profession I myself may have doubts about.As human beings I believe we have a certain in-built instinct to survive and no matter what you think I believe you will witness this survival instinct day in day out, sometimes without even giving it a second thought. A young mother of two little children, physically and sexually abused by her husband, and finally left to fend for herself, and her two children, drained of all self-worth, and as a means to continue their standard of living turns to prostitution, whether this decision was easy I can’t say, but probably not, she hates herself, and her life, but puts her children first. Surely isn’t this lady doing what the rest of us are doing – SURVIVING, the best way she knows how, and I, for one, will not stand on any moral high ground and condemn her for doing that.The question of legalizing prostitution is not as simple as it may appear – the act of paying for sex is not a crime, at least I don’t think it is.

Everyone has the right to do and be what he or she pleases, well, in my opinion anyway, as long as it does not harm anybody else. I believe the problem with prostitution is not the prostitutes themselves, but the low-life that makes money from the girls and the boys – of course I’m referring to the sad and cowardly pimps. These are the real menace to society, often their job description runs to quite a bit more than earning money from immoral earnings, eradicate these evil people and most of the problems associated with this profession would disappear with them.I’m neither for nor against prostitution, if some one wishes to pay a prostitute for sex then that is their business, just the same as it if someone wishes to sell sex for a living and take all the associated risks.

Legalisation would perhaps help to minimize those risks. There are probably other such avenues that could be looked at with the emphasis of those involved being a priority.So, by legalizing prostitution I believe that the girls/boys who get licensed and should therefore have a monthly medical test for sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse before being deemed able to work and that also this should be in an establishment also deemed clean and suitable.

As in all professions a minority will always ruin it for the majority and I believe there will always be those who can’t be bothered with regulation, or for whatever reason, failed their medical, these people would be forced underground and back into the grasp of the friendly, caring pimp.Prostitution will always be here, it was about long before any of us and will no doubt still be here long after we’ve gone. For this reason I believe prostitution is probably best left as it is, it has survived this long with no help and legalizing it would not necessarily remove it from the streets – in fact the illicit elements would be driven even further underground. An issue I don’t agree with is criminalizing only the prostitute.

I fell that surely the clients get away with too much; I cannot see why the prostitute is victimized and given a criminal record whereas surely the client should face an equal charge.I’m aware feeling is quite high on this topic and I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I don’t profess to have any answers and I don’t even attempt to put forward any proposals because I believe for every step forward we will take one back. But one area I do feel can be improved on is in people’s attitudes. Why do we inherit this holier than thou attitude? I don’t believe myself to be a better person than someone who sells sex if I don’t him or her. As I’ve got older my opinions have changed on many matters but the one thing I’ve never managed to alter is my dislike for snobbery and people’s attitude towards those less fortunate than themselves.


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