To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society? Essay

It took the human race five million of years of evolution to arrive at the conclusion that the best arrangement for continued survival is the family. Though there is no definite proof, based just on natural human habit of discovering things through trial and error, we arrive at the conclusion that the best thing for continued survival and success –is organization into families.

The question is: Is it vital to a successful society to have families?When we look into families, we see that family members are every person’s first teachers. We learn the basic skills of living from our families. In a stable family, one learns all the correct skills and learns to share with others. In fact, we actually learn that there are ‘others’ in the world from our families. If a family is dysfunctional, the children will probably learn that such behaviors as indulge by the adults in the family is not only acceptable, but actually the norm. The problem comes later on when the child integrates in the society. He or she does what has been what has been accepted in his family and runs foul of the law and sometimes can even become dangerous citizens.

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Studies have shown most serials killer or rapist come have grown up around violence in their families. It is also not surprising when these research show that such criminal had no idea that what they were doing was wrong!On the other hand, children from stable families have positive role models to follow. They have respect for the law and make good students in school. The example having been set by their stable families, they tend to be stable as well.

If they come from home where high moral conduct I the only accepted behavior- both by example and precept-then the children adopt these rules for themselves and live their lives the way they have seen it lived. In fact, when faced with a dilemma, what often wins is what they believe as taught in their families. More often than not, they later set up stable families as well.Though schools, the government, religious institutions and even whole societies try to make people live good live and found good, stable families, they find it difficult -if not impossible-to unteach what has been taught in the families.

Naturally this works to the good as well as to the bad. This shows that no matter how much the human race has attain in the name of progress, there are certain basics that are taught by the family. Thus it is unlikely that the importance of families can be replaced by anthing else. Hence it can be concluded that families have a great importance in bringing a stable society


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