Today’s College Student Essay

College students have changed a lot over the past decade, the most obvious change is that teaching equipments of college, it has changed the way of students learn. The multi-media education makes college curriculum schedule flexible, thus the age distributions of college students become older. However the new problem is the degree credential seem to be rapidly losing their value.

First of all, it is an undeniable fact that upgrades of teaching equipments has make learning more easily and convenient, the advantage is obvious.For instance, right now I am writing my paper using computer, in this way I can edit the paper as what I want, like change the spacing between lines, modify some incorrect words and add or delete words. This is beyond writing by hand. Moreover, with the development of network and multimedia technology, the online curriculum has become the most important part of college education because of flexibility, whenever and wherever student can study if they want to, part time students no longer constrained by place and time.However, it also caused students to rely on the Internet, the use Google instead of the traditional library. Because of the new way of college education, the age distribution of college students was changed to older, so how did it happen? As the rapid development and popularization of network education and flexible college curriculum schedule, those are providing opportunities for some people who don’t have adequate time to study in college which they have a lot of housework burden and busy jobs, usually this group composed by people who over 30 years old.Moreover the weak economic and fierce social competition is one of the reason which pushed people come back to college; this is the second reason which the age distribution of college students is so extensive, so today’s students in college usually with different age groups from nineteen who just graduated from high school to sixty who just retired.

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However, with the increasing number of college students, that college education has become a profit organization, some student in the college cannot get a good education or useful skills, but they don’t care it, their purpose is getting a redential, in their mind get a credential is an investment, because they thought with a college credential is the best way to get a good job, but the reality is not that. Large number of students graduated from college still cannot get job or they can get a job which not match with their major, for example, a student majored accounting in the college when graduated, get a job for salesman. Thus degree credential seem to be rapidly losing their value today.That is no doubt, today’s college students are going to become smarter, but they depend on network more and more, some of them only can use Google. Although they have different age groups but some of them still don’t understand what the learning purpose is. The most important thing for study in college is not only get a credential, but also develop self, get knowledge and learn how to learn, so that when students have left school, they can continue to learn.


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