TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN Tomorrow when the war began is a adventure/thriller story about a small group of teenagers who go on a four day camping trip


Tomorrow when the war began is a adventure/thriller story about a small group of teenagers who go on a four day camping trip, after returning from camp their families and the whole entire community had gone missing and their pets are dead. The teenagers had been given a sign that the country had been invaded while they were camping by a small foreign north asia country.

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When they returned home they found the whole town of Wirrawee are held in a large prisoner camp at the Wirrawee showgrounds. The foreign country wants to take over Australia because of the wide space Australia has that the invader’s don’t have , they also invade Australia to reduce imbalances within the region.
The main characters are Ellie (the narrator) and Corrie are the organisers of the camp who invite friends from their childhood Homer, Corrie, Robyn, Lee, and Kevin, with Chris appearing much later in the story. Ellie is the main character she’s very strong and powerful, she takes responsibility for her friends and leads them through the journey. They come together as team to stop the forces and find food and shelter to survive. The seven teenagers work together to regain Australia’s freedom, by facing their deepest fears and putting their lives on the line to save their families.

Paragraph 1: discussion of first theme
“At that moment only bullet a bullet have separated me from those two people. Suddenly they ‘be become my family” pg85.
In tomorrow when the war began the theme of relationship becomes a really big part for the teenagers it is show in 2 main ways friendship and family. Friendship is the main part of survival its created by the situation they find themselves in, without friendship none of the seven teenagers would have had the courage, strength and determination to do what they had to do to survive, every choice they made was because of their friends, they were the only people they had and could trust.. they had to come together and find strength to do everything for each other.. example of this is when corrie gets shot. The teenagers knew that they in danger but they still made the toughest decision and drove her to the hospital. “We’ve got to stick together, that’s all I know.”
Sticking together

Discussion of second theme.
In Tomorrow When The War Began survival becomes the most important part . during the war the teenagers face a lot of challenges as well as lessons learnt, each day was a matter of death or life. Ellie and her friends learn to become independent, look after and provide for themselves. They firenship changed from a mutual relationship to being able to sacrifice themselves for each other,The teenagers do anything for survival whether its harming or shooting the invaders.robyn who is a religious and did not want anything involving violence shows a different side of her by killing 5 soldiers, this shows the strong friendship, empathy and braveness they were willing to for they peers to survive.

Discussion of third theme-change.
In tomorrow when the war began change is shown in a lot of characters on how the were before and after. The teenagers experience aloo of change it occurs when each individual experiences threatening and environment caused by the war, the teenagers are forced to behave different.
In the beginning of the novel ellie just turned 18 and shes carefree and wants to have fun and experience things now that she’s older, but as the war starts she realises she need to behave different and maturity At that moment, I stopped being an innocent rural teenager and started becoming someone else, a more complicated and capable person, a force to be reckoned with even, not just a polite and obedient kid.
This shows that ellie is more mature than others and thinks differently, she’s never been in a situation like this but she starts showing her potential by leading the others tin the right path.
Another character that experiences a lot of change is homer, ” the day this started you have made good ideas , you have made us do things we wouldn’t do without you.
At the beginning homer is a considered a class clown, he wants to make jokes and always starts trouble, he does not care about anyone opinion,but later in the text hes attitude becomes entirely different, he becomes a positive guy whos really strong and brave,he changes and becomes the leader of the group. An example is when he speaks to everyone about the situation and what tells his peers what needs to be done, “We’ve just got to become totally nocturnal and triple-check everyone…we should get more supplies in and make it a proper headquarters…organising rations…living off the land we’ve got to become a guerrilla outfit. Homer uses his creativity and brings the idea of blowing the blow up a bridge in Wirrawee to stop enemy movements,


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